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Some SWORD front-ends handle bible: or sword: as URIs. This necessitates having a standard for new and existing front-ends. A Bible URI standard is also necessary for Bookmarks Standard.

Current situation


Xiphos handles URIs in following format:

  • sword://KJV/Gen.1.1
  • sword:///Gen.1.1 -- an empty module between // and / (implies use of whatever Bible module is current, or default).
  • sword://Josephus//The+Antiquities+of+the+Jews/Book+1/Chapter+1/Section+4 -- non-bible module. The 2nd double "//" is because keys for genbooks begin with /, so the first double slash is URL syntax, the 3rd / is the end of the module name, and the 4th / is the beginning of the genbook key.
  • sword://WebstersLinked/EPHEMERIS -- dictionary references, dictionary keys have no slashes.



PocketSword currently internally handles the standard sword://module/key URIs but doesn't yet register itself with the OS to handle links from other apps. This needs to happen at some point! Probably for v1.3.0, when I refactor more of the code...... As PocketSword doesn't yet handle genbooks, I haven't looked into what the URI would be for a genbook.