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Provenance of the text source?

This Bible Researcher page has some information:

"1545 Luther Bible. In various places on the internet there is a text which purports to be the "unrevised" Luther Bible of 1545 (the last edition issued before his death). This electronic text is the work of Michael Bolsinger, who published it on his website at From there it was reproduced here, here and here, among other places. But Bolsinger's text is a revision, not a transcription of the 1545 edition. He has modernized the spelling, punctuation and grammar, and has inserted the "Johannine Comma" in (which was absent from the 1545 edition). In these alterations he has sometimes followed the 1582 revision printed in Halle, but not always."

David Haslam 19:24, 9 July 2009 (UTC)

Sources are almost always noted in the .conf files. In this case: or more directly I've got doubts that this is a modernized edition, given the effort expended to preserve the typographical presentation of poetic verse, footnotes, cross-references, and even the elongated s. Also, no comma in 1John 5:7.
The other Luther 1545 module, GerLut1545, as noted in its .conf, does come from the above cited source. --Osk 01:44, 10 July 2009 (UTC)