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David Haslam participates in the SWORD Dev mailing list, and is active in developing Go Bible modules for Java ME enabled mobile phones. The sidebar of the Go Bible Team blog lists several more relevant links.

Collaboration between CrossWire and Go Bible

In July 2008, I was asked to lead a new CrossWire project to facilitate closer collaboration between CrossWire and Go Bible volunteers, in effect to enable the Go Bible application to act as something like a FrontEnd for CrossWire Bible modules on the Java ME platform. The author of the Go Bible application and developer kit has given this proposal his blessing. The source code for both was already made available as open source.

My contacts at Wycliffe Bible Translators have indicated that this would be of considerable interest to them, as they are keen to make use of the mobile phone technology to publish their translations. Some of them have expressed the opinion that the User Interface of Go Bible is "just right" for reading the Bible on a mobile phone.

While this concept is germinating, I would like to hear from any CrossWire volunteers who would be interesting in participating. I should add that not all participants would need to be Java ME programmers. There is much to be done towards automating the software tools to convert CrossWire Bible modules to either of the formats suitable for use with Go Bible Creator. So if you are interested, please leave a message in my Talk page.