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The Repository directory has to be specified for the Install Manager in the SWORD Project for Windows, which uses ftp access. Likewise for the other front-ends based on the SWORD API.

The Catalog & ZIP directories have to be specified for the JSword based installer (e.g. as used for Bible Desktop), which uses http access.

CrossWire Bible Society

Released modules

Official module repository from CrossWire Bible Society. PocketSword calls this CrossWire 1.

 Site Name:              CrossWire Bible Society
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/raw/
 Catalog Directory:      /ftpmirror/pub/sword/raw
 ZIP Directory:          /ftpmirror/pub/sword/packages/rawzip

These modules can be downloaded directly via the link below, but using the module manager built into most front-end applications is vastly preferable

Non-KJV versification (av11n) modules

Official module repository from CrossWire Bible Society for newer modules that use non-KJV versification systems.

 Site Name:              CrossWire Bible Society (av11n)
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/avraw/

Module attic

Official module repository from CrossWire Bible Society for the previous version of released modules. (Look here if you have updated to a new version of a module, discover that there are bugs or errors, and want to downgrade.)

 Site Name:              CrossWire Bible Society Attic
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/atticraw/

Modules for beta testing

Please test these modules and report your findings on Modules in the beta repository. Beta modules should be validated before being transferred to the main CrossWire repository. PocketSword calls this CrossWire 2.

 Site Name:              CrossWire beta
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/betaraw
 Catalog Directory:      /ftpmirror/pub/sword/betaraw
 ZIP Directory:          /ftpmirror/pub/sword/betapackages/rawzip

These modules can be downloaded directly via the link below, but using the module manager built into most front-end applications is vastly preferable

Experimental modules

These experimental modules are primarily intended for front-end developers. They require new features not supported by some front-end applications.

 Site Name:              CrossWire experimental
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/experimentalraw

NET Bible

Home of the New English Translation

 Site Name:              NET
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /sword
 Catalog Directory:      /sword/raw
 ZIP Directory:          /sword/packages/rawzip


A number of random creations, including a fair number of map and image modules: Tischendorf8 Greek NT, Hodge's Systematic Theology, and others. Daily Devotionals include BibleCompanion, MCheyne, OneYearRead.

 Site Name:              Xiphos
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   .
 Catalog Directory:      /sword
 ZIP Directory:          /sword/zip


Home of the Bond Slave Version. (Does not currently support access by non-JSword-based front-ends.)

 Site name:              BSV
 Catalog Directory:      /BSV/sword/raw
 Zip Directory:          /BSV/sword/packages/rawzip

The “Agathosyne” repository

The “Agathosyne” repository includes the set of the SWORD modules in Russian. Some of them are modules which copyright issues are still being investigated and discussed with owners. The purpose of this publication is preview and testing. Please report bugs you found and suggestion to <> Using them on a regular basis is up to your own responsibility.

The repository contains:

  • Russian Synodal Translation (1876) with Strong's Numbers, morphological tags, headings and Scripture cross-references
  • The set of New Testament translations
  • Biblial Maps Sets
  • The set of dictionaries
  • and other
 Site Name:              SWORDrus
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /swordrus/raw/
 Username:               anonymous

Other Module Sources (Non-Repositories)

Institute for Scripture Research

The ISR has a self-extracting ZIP of The Scriptures that can be installed locally. The module is encoded such that it can be used in The SWORD Project for Windows only (and no other front-end, including other front-ends running on Windows). Since it is a copyrighted work being offered for free, I'm not sure if improvements would be updated on their site.

Bible Vietnam

The UBS Vietnam page has several Vietnamese-language modules, including the UBS version of the Viet module, which incorporates minor corrections to the 1926 text made in 1998 by the UBS along with headings and cross-references.

Polish Projekt Sword

Polish Projekt SWORD. Copyright status uncertain for some of these Polish modules. Some of the module download links are now broken. Maybe the site is not being actively maintained. In October 2009, I was able to download only these two modules:

  1. Biblia Warszawsko - Praska (1997)
  2. Biblia Gdańska (1881)

The other links were for the following works:

  1. Psałterz Dawidów Jana Kochanowskiego (1579)
  2. moduł codziennych rozważań biblijnych "Dobre Nasienie"
  3. polska wersja słownika greckich kodów morfologicznych Robinsona

Perhaps these can still be retrieved from the Wayback Machine?

Slovakian has the SSV translation available to download as a SWORD module called SvkPS. The published Catholic SSV translation contains deuterocanonical books, but this first module edition does not. One with Alternate Versification is in the pipeline.

The same web-page also has Slovak & Czech Bibles for download in other electronic editions, including Go Bible.

Institute for Bible Translation

The Institute for Bible Translation provides a number of translations in various Turkic languages of Central Asia. Currently these include Karakalpak, Turkmen (both Latin & Cyrillic), Uzbek (both Latin & Cyrillic), and Kyrgyz (both Arabic & Cyrillic). Alongside these translations are modules for English, Russian and the original Bible languages (Hebrew and Greek). New modules (2010-12-15) include Crimean Tatar, Khakas and Tatar. Further modules are in preparation.

Note: Although they appear to be SWORD modules, and SWORD modules work on their MK program, these modules do not work on standard SWORD software. This is because the MK program is based on a fork of the SWORD engine source code, adapted to seamlessly provide dual versification for a variant of the Russian Synodal Translation (RST) versification and that of the KJV. Central Asian translations generally follow the RST. With the advent of Alternate Versification in SWORD, it is envisaged that the MK program will be made fully compatible with the SWORD API. The newer modules released by IBT are now totally SWORD compatible, though their earlier modules are still incompatible. See also zipped modules#xulsword.

The programmer has made his source code available under the name xulsword.

Paite e-Holy Bible

Paite is spoken in parts of North East India, Burma & Bangladesh. The Paite e-Holy Bible version 2 (2008-12-17) is available from Paite E-Holy Bible. It is possible to display the Paite module in other SWORD front-end applications for Windows by copying the installed files to the SWORD path. In Xiphos, the localized language name is displayed as Paite Chin.

German Volxbibel

Volxbibel – A new German Bible translation in the language of the young generation. The translation is under the Creative Commons license, so non-commercial use and distribution is allowed. A SWORD module called VLX3 has been created by Jan Krohn, who has also built Go Bible applications for Java mobile phones. Contact Jan Krohn for further details.

Word Of God team (India)

The following modules are being made available by the Word of God team in India, under the leadership of Yesudas Solomon.

  • Hindi Bible
  • Hmar Bible
  • Kannada (KJV) Bible
  • Kannada (BSI) NT
  • Koya NT
  • Malayalam Bible
  • Tamil (Common) Bible
  • Tamil (OV) Bible
  • Telugu Bible

Registration and login is required to download these modules. Some of those listed here are still underway. Other languages expected to follow.

Currently there are "easy to install" downloads for these Windows front-ends:

The latter also has the raw module format downloads.

There are also Go Bible (mobile phone) versions, and modules for some non-CrossWire free Bible study applications.

Nepal Bible Society

NBS has made both its translations available for use with a Nepali interfaced edition of BPBible.

  • Nepali New Revised Version
  • Simple Nepali Holy Bible

Their e-Bible modules are serial numbered and licensed for individual use. Request by email on this page.

Both versions are also available as free Go Bible applications, with either English or Nepali UI.