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CrossWire Bible Society

Official module repository from CrossWire Bible Society

 Site Name:              CrossWire Bible Society
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/raw/

For a nice web interface to obtain the Modules as Packages

CrossWire Bible Society's repository for beta testers

 Site Name:              CrossWire beta
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/betaraw

For a nice web interface to obtain the Modules as Packages

Please test these modules and report your findings on Modules in the beta repository

NET Bible

Home of the New English Translation

 Site Name:              NET
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   /sword


A number of random creations, including a fair number of map and image modules: Tischendorf8 Greek NT, Hodge's Systematic Theology, and others.

 Site Name:              Xiphos
 Site Machine Name:
 Repository Directory:   .

Other Module Sources (Non-Repositories)

Institute for Scripture Research

The ISR has a self-extracting ZIP of The Scriptures that can be installed locally. The module is encoded such that it can be used in The SWORD Project for Windows only (and no other front-end, including other front-ends running on Windows). Since it is a copyrighted work being offered for free, I'm not sure if improvements would be updated on their site.

Bible Vietnam

The UBS Vietnam page has several Vietnamese-language modules, including the UBS version of the Viet module, which incorporates minor corrections to the 1926 text made in 1998 by the UBS along with headings and cross-references.

Polish Projekt Sword

Polish Projekt SWORD. Copyright status uncertain for some of the available Polish modules.

Institute for Bible Translation

The Institute for Bible Translation provides a number of translations into Turkic languages of central Asia.