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Bug/Request Tracking

If you have encountered a reproducible programme crash, we are grateful for any kind of information which will allow us to pinpoint the exact reasons. Please copy all error messages, if possible, run the programme from the commandline and copy the output from there, while reproducing the crash and consider using the following instructions: Program Crash

If you don't see the relevant project issues tracker further below, then look for it in

For convenience, here is a list of our trackers.

  • Bible Desktop (BD)
  • BibleCS (BCS)
  • Eloquent (MACSW)
  • Eloquent for iPad (ELOIPAD)
  • Flashcards (FC)
  • JSword (JS)
  • Module Tools (MODTOOLS)
  • Modules (MOD)
  • New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room (NTVMR)
  • PocketSword (PS)
  • Prose (PROS)
  • QPSword (QPS)
  • SwordReader (SR)
  • SwordWeb (SWEB)
  • Tyndale STEP (TYNSTEP)


Report issues for the SWORD API here:


Report text and/or markup issues here: (only for modules in the main or av11n CrossWire repositories)

Front-end applications

Please update the link here if you have migrated your project.

Each project has its own reporting mechanism. Here are a few: