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The CrossWire Bible Society has always a number of projects in progress, all open to new volunteers.

Most of our projects do require some level of technical expertise, but a few do not.

Software or module testers, translators and documentation writers can do their work with pretty basic knowledge.

If you want to help supporting other users sign up as a Technical Support Volunteer

Most (or all) of our communication is via the internet, so an internet connection and an e-mail address is important.

What we really do require is a good attitude and a willingness to be a constructive part of a Christian community of very (extremely) disparate theological, ecclesiological and cultural backgrounds. Like everyone else we as individuals and as a community have our faults, our sensitivities and our basic sinfulness to contend with, but we do share the desire to make God's Holy Word available to everyone. So, if you are sharing this - welcome!

Write to support@crosswire.org for additional information or help getting started.

Another way in which volunteers can help is in the area of seeking permissions from copyright holders.

The SWORD Project

The SWORD Project is CrossWire's original project to produce a free, open-source, cross-platform Bible software engine: the SWORD API. This project is at the heart of many other CrossWire projects that depend upon it. Visit its volunteer page for more information about helping the SWORD Project.

JSword Project

The JSword Project is SWORD's sister project, a re-implementation of the SWORD API in Java. There is an increasing number of CrossWire front-ends that use it.

The SWORD Project eText Library

We are always looking to expand our existing libary of eTexts in SWORD's module format. You can learn more about creating SWORD modules by reading our module making documentation.

New SWORD Ports and Front-ends

We always seek to bring SWORD to new platforms. It is part of our philosophy that users should be able to study the Bible without having to make compromises. That includes not having to compromise by using a platform other than their favorite.