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Please use the guide on Testing of new modules to test below listed modules and note your findings down.

Module Name Module Type Is the module complete?
Any eternal loops or other structural problems?
Is the config file correct?
Display problems on any frontend? Ready for import into main repository?
ArmEasternBibleGen, Exod, and 4 Gospels only, Conf file requires update to reflect this. Please see also hereDisplays well on GS, BD.
ArmWesternBibleNT onlyDisplays well on GS, BD
AutenriethDictKnown bad, do not test
BAOGenBook/MapsFine on GS, BD
BarnesCommGen 1.1 entry is not UTF-8 (quotes, nbsp), perhaps elsewhereBad encoding in BD.
BasqueBibleNT, appears completeDisplays well on GS
BosworthTollerDIctKnown bad, do not test
BretonBible4 Gospels only, advertised as such, appears completeDisplays fine in GS
BurJudsonBibleWhole Bible, appears completeSome display difficulties, GS better than BD (glyph shaping) As the problems are front end shortcomings I think the module can be released.
CebPanadayagBibleWhole Bible, appears completeDislays well in GS,
ChiUnsBibleWhole Bible, appears complete, options work; In conf, DistributionLicense is missingDisplays fine in BD, problem in GS. Has strong's markup problem
ChiUnBibleWhole Bible, appears complete, options work; conf mis-specifies history entry (History=2.1= should be History_2.1=...)and DistributionLicense is missingDisplays fine in BD, problem in GS
CleasbyVigfussonDictKnown bad, do not test
DRCgbGenBookDemo module, do not test.
FreCramponBibleBugs already known, do not test
FreMartinBibleBugs already known, do not test. Whole Bible, appears completeWorks fine in GS
FVDPVietAnhIs this a Glossary? Should conf have GlossaryFrom and GlossaryTo?
GerAlbrechtBibleNT and Psalms - conf file needs changing accordinglyDisplays fine in GS
GerElb1871rBibleVarious disconnected chapters of various books, Conf file does not describe this at allDisplays well in GS
GerFreeBibleBibleWhole Bible, appears complete, features workDisplays fine in GS
GerGruenwaldBiblewhole Bible, appears complete, features workDisplays fine on GS
GerLut1545lhBibleWhole Bible, appears complete features work, but not all Xrefs encoded, some are in plain text (e.g.Mal 1:5)displays fine in GS
GerLut1912BibleWhole Bible, appears complete Displays fine in GS
GerNEUBibleConf needs help. UTF-8 failures in Description, About, ShortPromo. ShortCopyright has Uebersetzung - should be with an umlaut. Also module itself has UTF problems - not fit for consumption right now
GerReinhardtBible4 gospesl only, conf reflects this. appear complete, features work GS displays fine
GerTafelBibleVarious OT and complete NT. Conf reflects this, About needs clarification, a bit muddled, features workDisplays fine in GS
HesychiusGenBookThe following conf entries are not defined in wiki: LocalStripFilter=PapyriPlain and SearchOption=IncludeKeyInSearch
KJCBibleNT only, conf reflects this, features workDisplays fine in GS
LeeserBibleOT only, conf reflects this. Loops back to Genesis, plenty extraneous UTF8 control chaarcatersExtraneous control chacters, exposes menu bug in GS
LewisElemDictKnown bad, do not test
LewisShortDictKnown bad, do not test
LiddellScottDictKnown bad, do not test
MorphGNTBibleKnown bad, do not test
NoyesNoyesPartial OT, complete NT. About needs increased accuracy (re "italics") UTF8 problem in Amos 1:1 et al - U+0096 all over textDisplay problem dt superflous control character in GS
PolGdanskaBibleWhole Bible, appears completeDisplays fine in GS
PotLykinsBibleMatt and ActsDisplays fine in GS
SpaRVG2004BibleWhile Bible, appears complet, conf feature headings - found no headings in text. red words of Jesus - worksDisplays fine in GS
SpaTDPBibleUTF-8 conf problems in Description and About
TagAngBibliaBibleWhole Bibel, apears completeDisplays fine in GS
TischBibleKnown bad, do not test
TurNTBBibleWhole Bible, Obadja missing, plenty crossreferences in plain text e.g. Lev 1:1, verse ranges poorly encoded - empty verses, e.g Zeph 1:4-6 Displays fine in GS>
UDHRDictTest module only. See About for details.Never!
ZoegaDictKnown bad, do not test; conf has 2 About= (should delete the first)