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*Hanga NT (Ghana). Found electronic text in the Oxford Text Archive. [http://ota.ahds.ac.uk/headers/1183.xml]
*Hanga NT (Ghana). Found electronic text in the Oxford Text Archive. [http://ota.ahds.ac.uk/headers/1183.xml]
*[http://sites.google.com/site/bibletranslationdata/shona-bible Shona Bible] – as USFM files available under the [http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html GNU Free Documentation License]
*[http://sites.google.com/site/bibletranslationdata/ndebele-bible Ndebele Bible] – as USFM files available under the [http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html GNU Free Documentation License]
*[http://noloshacusub.net/Bible/ Kitaabka Quduuska Ah] is the name of the Somali Bible &ndash; ''A Go Bible version already exists.''<br>The copyright owners (SIM) would be glad for CrossWire to make the KQA text as widely available as possible. Source text is available in USFM format.
*[http://noloshacusub.net/Bible/ Kitaabka Quduuska Ah] is the name of the Somali Bible &ndash; ''A Go Bible version already exists.''<br>The copyright owners (SIM) would be glad for CrossWire to make the KQA text as widely available as possible. Source text is available in USFM format.

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Here is a place to request modules you would like to be made. If the copyright holder has been contacted, the permissions granted or not can be put here.

New modules are made largely on the basis of content availability and distributability. If you have a link to new material in the public domain, adding it here is a good way of notifying us of its availability. However there is no guarantee that anyone will be interested in creating a module from that material. If you want to see a new module, your quickest results will come from encoding it in OSIS yourself and submitting that to us.

If you would like to see the addition of text currently under copyright and have not made any attempt to get permission for distribution, there is no point to adding it here and the addition will likely be removed. If you only have a link to non-text material (images, PDFs, etc.), there is no point to adding it here and it will likely be removed.

Bible Versions

Background: CrossWire volunteers may like to visit The Internet Bible Catalog, an experiment in creating a web-based catalogue of existing Bible Translations.

English Bibles

Background: For an historical survey of English Bibles, visit The English Versions of Scripture. See also Wikisource:WikiProject Bible.

Rev. Bradford B. Taliaferro runs a blog entitled, New and Interesting Bibles and VersionsThe purpose of this web-log is to list new, interesting and unusual Bibles, versions and translations.

  • Entire Wycliffe Bible (c. 1380), available from Wikisource, which in turn was provided by the Wesley Center Online. The entire Wycliffe Bible can be downloaded as a single ZIP file containing 77 text files in VPL format. cf. The existing SWORD module is limited to the Pentateuch and the Gospels.
  • Complete Tyndale Bible, Not even the whole NT is available with SWORD, and also he translated the Pentateuch, and Jonah, and other books later published in Matthew's Bible.
Jonah (1531)
Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders is digitizing the Pentateuch (1530) (Genesis is almost done, but still being PP'ed) Wesley Center Online also has all of Tyndale's translation, except those published posthumously (by Matthew Thomas). Both Tyndale and Wycliffe from the Wesley Centre are the work of Sergej A. Fedosov.
Some problems with Sergey's work is that he doesn't transcribe the line over vowels that represented a n, or m--so the text has a lot of hi meaning him, the meaning them, wet meaning went etc...where these are not spellings that the printer used. He also transcribes the þt, þe and such thorn symbols as ye, yt instead of the, that, etc...but transcribes the "and" symbol (&) as "and".
  • Miles Coverdale Bible, (1535).
  • Laurence Tomson (1587) Geneva Bible 1587 Revision. Check Slavic Bible version for (significant?) differences from 1599 Geneva.
  • KJV (original 1611 version/orthography). There exist some reprints in paper - has anyone scanned it? Also a few electronic editions exist--check into adapting one for SWORD.
  • Scottish Metrical Psalter (1650). This is available in Online Bible (Topic) format at [1]
  • Revised Version (1885) – see the external links in the Wikipedia page for two online editions in HTML format, and one to a facsimile PDF copy
  • NASB Currently being prepared. This will be sold. See FAQ.
  • NKJV, Thomas Nelson Inc. Contact attempted by Karl to rights@thomasnelson.com and onlinenotification@thomasnelson.com, December 2007; no response.
  • NIV, the perennial request. Contact attempted via feedback web page at ibs.org, November 2006 and March 2007; no response. Dead-tree letter sent to IBS licensing directory, February 2008; no response.
  • World Bible Translation Center (1987,1999,2006) Easy To Read Version English translation. Rights requested 11/05/2008
  • Michael Paul Johnson (1996) God's Living Word is a solo translation by the editor of the World English Bible. It only covers the Gospel of John and the epistles of John, but I'd like to see it in SWORD. It's already in OSIS format at the link with creative commons (commercial use) copyright allowing redistribution.
  • Contemporary English Version, contact made. The American Bible Society have asked for a formal request to be made to them, with information about use and protection (May 2009).
  • Third Millennium Bible, contact attempted at TMBible.com, November 2007, no response.
  • Gary Gallant (2007) Grammar Uses Version. "Version showing the the way verbs in a participle or infinitive tense are used when translated. Also shows noun uses when translated. This is a very literal translation from the BYZ lectures." (Available in its native OLB [3] format at Gary's site.)
  • Word of Yahweh Bible--KJV3, 2010 (Expected completion). Rights unknown. [4]
  • Anglo-Saxon Bible. Public Domain? This is really a collection of various versified AS texts, by various translators/authors.
Original languages
Hebrew and Aramaic OT
  • WLC with Westminster Morphology
  • Samaritan Torah – for background, see [5]. Has this ever been digitized?
Greek NT
See the List of New Testament uncials on Wikipedia, for possible further leads.
Latin Bibles
The existing Vulgate module and Vulgate_Clem beta module contain only the 66 protocanonical books, even though the complete Vulgate contains 76 books.[6]
  • Complete Vulgate Stuttgart (including the Apocrypha), for use with SWORD 1.6 onwards. (This is copyrighted. Stuttgart almost always indicates DBG(GBS). WikiSource is hosting a copy, in progress, but someone does note that it is copyrighted.)
  • Nova Vulgata - the text is copyright (1979 onwards), so obtaining permission may be impossible. See [7] for more details.
French Bibles
See also Traductions de la Bible en français and La Bible en français du XVe au milieu du XXe siècle.
  • La Bible de Jean-Frédéric Ostervald - 1744.
  • La Bible de Saci - 1759 (Bible complete traduit sur la Vulgate par le Maistre de Saci, dite aussi Bible de Mons (Port Royal)) [8]. Permission to use digitized text received via contact through David Haslam.
  • L’Ancien Testament Traduit D’Après L’Hébreu par H.-Auguste Perret-Gentil (professeur à la Faculté de Neuchâtel) 1861, 1866. The 1861 text is available in PDF format from [9].
  • La Bible de Zadoc Kahn (Bible Juive: Texte complet A.T. 1899 Ed. 1930.) [10]. Permission to use digitized text received via contact through David Haslam.
  • La Bible de Pirot et Clamer (Louis Pirot et Albert Clamer, La Sainte Bible, texte latin et traduction française d'après les textes originaux avec un commentaire exégétique et théologique, Paris 1950) [11]. Permission to use digitized text received via contact through David Haslam. NB. Check extent of French copyright period.
  • La Bible King James Française 2007 (D'après la version AV 1611, Traduction Nadine L. Stratford) [12],[13]. 2009-07-16 Email received by David Haslam from N. Stratford granting permissions for both Go Bible and CrossWire SWORD module.
  • La Bible - French OT translation by Édouard Dhorme (1956). Edward Paul Dhorme (1881 - 1966) was a French Assyriologist, Semiticist and translator of the Bible. He was a professor at the College de France and the Sorbonne. One of his works deals with the religions of Babylon and of Assyria. The French translation of the Old Testament was published under his direction by Gallimard in the prestigious Bibliotheque de la Pleiade. Dhorme was a Dominican. Not yet found en electronic version.
  • La Sainte Bible d'Ostervald - the revision of 1996.

From lire.la-bible.net (read.the-bible.net)

  • Traduction oecuménique de la Bible (TOB) (Copyright 1988, Société biblique française BP 47 95400 Villiers-le-Bel France et Editions du Cerf)
  • La Bible dite la Colombe (Colombe) - nouvelle version Segond revisée (Copyright 1978, Société Biblique Française BP 47 95400 Villiers-le-Bel France)
  • La Bible Parole de Vie (PDV) (2000) (Copyright 2000, Société Biblique Française BP 47 95400 Villiers-le-Bel France)
  • La Nouvelle Bible Segond (NBS) (Copyright 2002, Société Biblique Française BP 47 95400 Villiers-le-Bel France)
  • La Bible en français courant (BFC) Version révisée 1997 (Copyright 1997, Société Biblique Française BP 47 95400 Villiers-le-Bel France)
German Bibles
  • Volxbibel – A new German Bible translation in the language of the young generation. The translation is under the Creative Commons license, so non-commercial use and distribution is allowed. A SWORD module called VLX3 has been already created by Jan Krohn, who has also built Go Bible applications for Java mobile phones.
  • Zürcher Bibel 1931 – Die Ursprünge der Zürcher Bibel gehen auf die Reformation in Zürich unter Ulrich Zwingli zurück (1531). Die Zürcher Bibel von 1931 gehört zu den strukturtreuen Übersetzungen und legt dabei grossen Wert auf philologische Genauigkeit. Bezüglich Texttreue wird sie bei Vergleichen von Bibelübersetzungen meist nahe bei der Elberfelder Bibel gesehen und oft etwas lesbarer als diese beschrieben. – The ZIP file was uploaded to sourceforge on 12-Apr-2009.
Polish Bibles
  • Biblia Tysiąclecia. Several Polish translations are available as Go Bible applications from [14]. This is one for which there is not an existing SWORD module.
Spanish Bibles
  • Fr. Bernardo Hurault (1971) Biblia Latinoaméricana a.k.a Christian Community Bible - Spanish version. Sent email 11/4/08 requesting rights. Response received 11/12/2008 from China which says the Sociedad Bíblica Católica Internacional is the copyright holder. My request is forwarded, but another in spanish is pending.
  • World Bible Translation Center (after 1987) Easy To Read Version Spanish translation. Rights requested 11/05/2008

For all these, please ask for further information at sword-devel.

  • SBB denied permissions, someone from Brasília intends to try again.
  • SBT has been contacted, anticipating answer.
  • IBB has left the door open to a future favourable answer. Need to follow up with request for permissions on Versão Revisada and its Almeida Século XXI successor.
  • Corrigida low-quality copies are available, we need to evaluate if it is worthwhile to move forward: old translation, not too good, OCR will be troublesome.
  • Tradução Brazileira (1917) copy obtained, working library contacts to find a book scanner. The text entered into the public domain on January 1, 1992 - the beginning of the year following the fiftieth anniversary of death of the last contributor, Virgílio Varzea in accordance with the provisions of the copyright law then in force. (SBB has published an electronic version in Online Bible (version 3) format with updated spelling. This edition is not public domain!)
  • Permissions were obtained on a number of texts from SBP, as per post at sword-devel.
  • World Bible Translation Center (after 1987) Easy To Read Version Portuguese translation. (If the WBTC is amenable to allow other languages be published, I will specifically request and post here Portuguese allowance if given) The WBTC lists the version as 'Brazilian Portuguese'.
Welsh Bibles
  • 1620 Translation (William Morgan's 1588, revised by Parry and Davies in 1620). [15]. See also Text Development.
    Public Domain. Texts for Numbers, Deuteronomy, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, Job, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Luke, and 2 Corinthians are not yet available.
  • Revised New Welsh Bible (Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd). Available for free as a e-Sword Module. So Bible Society may well be happy for it to be available for SWORD as well. [16], [17]
Cornish Bibles
  • The Cornish Bible Project http://www.bibelkernewek.com/
    This project is run under the auspices of the Cornish Language Board, and the Bishop of Truro's Ecumenical Advisory Group for Services in Cornish. The translations are checked against the best editions of the Hebrew and Greek texts, and will be made available in both the Unified and Common Cornish spelling systems. The New Testament (Common Cornish version), with a Commendation by the Archbishop of Canterbury, is now complete, and was published on 13 August 2004. Translation of the Old Testament is underway, with parts already published as separate booklets. Of all the Celtic languages, it was only Cornish that did not have its own translation of the Bible. This was a severe handicap: if the Bible had been translated perhaps the language would not have died.
Maltese Bibles
  • Maltese Bible. I just found this [18] which appears to be a Catholic website. Complete Bible (with deuterocanonical books) in MS Word format. Need to establish contact.
  • Maltese Bible. The Trinitarian Bible Society published theirs in 1980. with a reprint in 2007.[19]
Arabic Bibles
  • 1865 SVD Arabic Bible complete with deuterocanonical books & other Arabic material. See [20], for use with SWORD 1.6 onwards.
Other European languages
Latin script languages
  • Hungarian NT. Roman Catholic translation by P. Békés Gellért & P. Dalos Patrik.
  • Serbian Danicic–Karadžic Bible. Vuk Karadžic translated the New Testament in 1847, and Ðuro Danicic finished his translation of the Old Testament in 1865. Public Domain.
  • Serbian Emilijan Čarnić (1973, 1992) NT. [21]
  • Svenska Reformationsbibeln. This modern Swedish Bible translation is based on the Textus Receptus for the New Testament. Work has begun on translating the Old Testament, based on the Masoretic Text. The stance of the website is one in defence of these traditional texts, and therefore critical of modern translations made using dynamic equivalence methods and eclectic texts. The translators have currently completed the Pentateuch and all the New Testament. It may be several years before the rest of the OT is translated. David Haslam is in indirect contact with the project leaders. They have responded positively to the request for CrossWire to distribute this new translation. A Go Bible version has been built by Thomas Dilts.
  • Catalan Bible Bíblia Evangèlica Catalana. INSTITUCIÓ BÍBLICA EVANGÈLICA DE CATALUNYA. An iPhone application[22] for this is now available, as is an e-Sword module[23]. In view of the BEC edition being freely available for the iPhone and e-Sword, we should make an approach to develop a SWORD module and Go Bible application. Need to establish contact.
  • Slovak translations. A member of the Go Bible Forum has recently posted that he has permissions for the Slovak Catholic translation from Spolok svätého Vojtecha (SSV), Trnava, Slovakia. See [24]. Login first for the direct link to work. This translation includes deuterocanonical books. Await first SWORD release that will support Alternate Versification.
  • The Maynooth Irish Bible = An Bíobla Naofa (1981) is a translation of the Bible into Irish Gaelic by Monsignor Pádraig Ó Fiannachta. It includes the Apocrypha. It is available on CD-ROM[25]. John Duffy has received permissions to make a SWORD module, etc.[26] Await first SWORD release that will support Alternate Versification. Work on making a Go Bible version already in progress with assistance from David Haslam.
  • Lule Sami New Testament. A new translation of NT in Lule Sami, based on an edition from 1913 but using modern orthography, was begun in 1996. The Swedish Bible Society was responsible for this translation which was completed in 2000. Cited from [27].
  • Northern Sami Bible. Work is in progress on a new Bible translation in Northern Sami using the new orthography from 1980. The Gospels and Acts were completed in 1995, followed by the New Testament in the beginning of 1998. Presently, translation of the Old Testament is in progress, with a planned completion in 2008. The translation is based on the Norwegian Bible with the Norwegian and Finnish Bible Societies being responsible for the project. Cited from [28].
Cyrillic script languages
  • Russian Synodal translation (1876), complete with deuterocanonical books, and using the Alternate Versification proper to the RSB.[29] cf. The existing RST module (based on Sergej A. Fedosov's Slavic Bible for Windows) must be the protocanonical subset, as adapted to use standard KJV versification. A complete RSB is available in HTML format at [30], but would require checking for accuracy against the best known modern printed version. Tigran Aivazian has reported, "if you need the source code for our edition of the Russian Synodal Bible please email me and I'll send it. We (mostly Vladimir Volovich) have fixed quite a few typos by comparison with many other printed (and electronic) editions and believe ours to be the cleanest/accurate source of the synodal text. Btw, we have done the 5th edition recently, I hope you downloaded the PDF of the 5th and not the 4th edition (check the title page, it says at the back)." Copied from [31]. See [32].
  • Ukrainian new translation by Oleksandr Gyzha [33]. Email contact established with web-master. Permissions received (17 November 2008).
  • Serbian Danicic–Karadžic Bible. Vuk Karadžic translated the New Testament in 1847, and Ðuro Danicic finished his translation of the Old Testament in 1865. Public Domain.
  • Serbian Lujo Bakotić (1933) complete Bible.
  • Serbian Dimitrije Stefanović (1934) NT.
  • Belarusian translation by Vasil Syomuha. "Vasilij S.Semukha translation. © 2000, 2001 by Alesya Semukha". More details about the translation and translator are reported in [34]. A much fuller article about the Belarusian Bible, with the title, "Uncle Vasil's Passion" may be found at [35]. In 1998, Vasil Siomukha won the of Ales Adamovich Literary Prize (awarded by the Belarusian PEN Centre ) for a highly artistic translation of the New Testament and Psalter into the Belarusian language. See [36]. A copy of the text of this Bible translation was found in a module for Sergej A. Fedosov's Slavic Bible for Windows (Russian) website. David Haslam was researching how to make contact with the copyright owner, and received a kind offer from someone to act as an intermediary. We have since received informal permission, which now needs to be formalised. An email has been sent to Troy. David Haslam has received an authoritative copy of the translation in MS Word format.
Hebrew script languages
  • Yiddish New Testament – copyright belongs to The Society For Distributing Hebrew Scriptures (SDHS), Joseph House, 1 Bury Mead Road, Hitchin, Herts SG5 1RT, ENGLAND, UK. Tel: 01462 457486 Fax: 01462 451568 (Registered Charity No. 232692). SDHS literature is officially distributed in the USA by "Light for Israel". http://www.lightforisrael.org/
American languages
  • Navajo, O'odham, Hopi, Apache, Inupiaq (North and North West), Siberian Yupik. – All these languages have at least a New Testament. Navajo has the whole Bible, and the Siberian Yupik NT isn't printed fully yet. Contact should be established with the Wycliffe Bible Translators.
  • Baibala Hawaiian Bible http://baibala.org/ – full text online from the 1839 and 1868 editions. Copyright © 2003-2008 by Partners In Development Foundation, which is solely responsible for this product. This website may be utilized for personal use, but may not be used for commercial purposes or copied to any other website. See [37] for full terms & conditions. Ulukau uses open-source Greenstone software.
African Languages
  • Amharic Bible (Ethiopia) [38]
  • Hausa Bible (Nigeria) [39]
  • Zarma Bible (Niger) [40]
  • Fulfuldé Adamawa Bible (Cameroun) [41]
  • Moore New Testament (Burkina Faso) [42]
  • Kabyle New Testament (Algeria) [43]
  • Kisongye New Testament (Congo) (1925) [44]
  • Wolof New Testament (Senegal, the Gambia, Mauritania) (1987,2004,2008) [45][46]
  • Wolofal NT portions (Luke, John, Acts). Wolof language in Arabic script. [47]
  • Hanga NT (Ghana). Found electronic text in the Oxford Text Archive. [48]
  • Kitaabka Quduuska Ah is the name of the Somali Bible – A Go Bible version already exists.
    The copyright owners (SIM) would be glad for CrossWire to make the KQA text as widely available as possible. Source text is available in USFM format.
Berber (Tamazight) Languages
  • Tarifit, the Tamazight language from the Rif in Northern Morocco (Latin script).
  • Tamazight, the Tamazight language from Middle Atlas in Morocco (Arabic script).
  • Tachelhit, the Tamazight language from the South of Morocco (Latin script).
Need to establish contact with a view to copyright lobbying.
Asian Languages

It would be helpful to the churches in Central Asia, South Asia and South East Asia if Bible modules can be developed for the languages of these regions. CrossWire volunteers who have a particular interest in Asia should be seeking opportunities to obtain permissions and offering our services to the Bible agencies working in the regions.

  • World Bible Translation Center (after 1987) Easy To Read Version Nepali, Vietnamese, Bengali, Indonesian translations. Rights requested 11/05/2008
Indian subcontinent
  • Paite Bible - [50]. Copyright belongs to the Bible Society of India. The Paite e-Holy Bible is a Windows application that uses the SWORD API. David Haslam has contact with the producer of the Paite Go Bible. Should follow this up for CrossWire.
  • Hmar Bible - permissions for SWORD Module and Go Bible have been received in an email sent to David Haslam. The Hmar NT was originally sent to him in PageMaker .PMD format. Yesudas Solomon has assisted in making the Go Bible application. Need to obtain the digitized text in a convertible format.

The following four Indian languages Bibles are available as Java ME mobile phone applications made using Go Bible Creator [51]. David Haslam has contact with the producer, Yesudas Solomon, who is based in Tamilnadu. I have suggested that he also considers to make SWORD modules.

  • Hindi Bible
  • Tamil Bible (also Catholic Tamil version)
  • Malayalam Bible
  • Kannada Bible (KJV and BSI versions)
  • Telugu Bible

The text sources for these were used by direct permissions of the translators, even though the Bible Society of India has been unresponsive.

  • Marathi New Testament – translated by Ratnakar Hari Kelkar. The full text is available in PDF format at [52]. Need to establish contact with the copyright owner, Prof. R. R. Kelkar, Pune, India.
  • Konkani Bible – online HTML version available at [53]. This Catholic translation includes the Apocrypha. The site is a project of KonkaniCatholics.com.
Central Asia
  • Kyrgyz Bible. David Haslam has made a Go Bible version by permission from one of the translators. This is only one of the three modern Kyrgyz translations. Not yet published the Go Bible version - still waiting for completion of the UI translation. Should follow up with permission request for CrossWire.
South East Asia
  • Khmer New Testament (Cambodia). David Haslam has contact with the project leader. An issue with ligatures surfaced when doing a Go Bible feasibility demo of Matthew's Gospel, but apart from that everything was fine. This issue needs to be resolved by the translators. Khmer codepage coverage is not yet completely finalised in the official Unicode standard. Khmer text source is being edited by translators using MS Excel, rather than something more common (USFM) among Bible translators. Red letters used for WoC. Would need considerable effort to format shift into OSIS.
  • Myanmar languages. David Haslam has contact with the Myanmar Bibles website. The following languages are listed as available translations. OSIS files are already available for all these versions, though I have not yet had time to work on any of them. (Some of these were converted from TeX into OSIS by bibleTec2osis.pl). There is a separate XML file for each book of the Bible. Back in June 2008, there was definite interest for Go Bible, and I imagine they would be also interested for the SWORD project. Tedim would be the easiest to start with, as that uses Latin script with no additional characters. Follow up is intended.
    • Myanmar Judson
    • MCL
    • Chin Study
    • Cho
    • Falam
    • Hakha
    • Kachin
    • Lahu
    • Lhaovo
    • Ngawn
    • Tedim
    • S'gaw Karen
    • Sizang
    • Zaniat
    • Zotung
    • WEB
  • Myanmar Bibles - Software Project. "The Myanmar Bible Software Project involved the cooperative effort of volunteers from various nations with a variety of specialized skills e.g. Myanmar languages consultants, Bible translations, software programming, led by Levi Sap Nei Thang. The project is built upon the invaluable foundations of the work of many generations of Bible translators and Bible Societies. We seek to develop software that will eventually serve as a Biblical Resource tool for Myanmar, Bible readers, Christians, church leaders, pastors and church planters. Currently, basic Bible software is available in most major languages of the world. Bible software provides the advantage for people not only to study the word in multiple languages. It also provide to opportunity to incorporate biblical references material such as concordance, dictionary and others to help us deepen our knowledge in the word of God."
This request seems well matched to the skills found among CrossWire volunteers.
Asia Pacific
  • Bisaya-Inunhan New Testament, translated by Eldon Leano Talamisan (copyright owner), first published in the Philippines in 1999. The Bisaya-Inunhan language is spoken in Romblon Province, especially in Tablas Island. David Haslam has direct contact with the translator, who has given full permission to the proposal to build a SWORD module and Go Bible application. David now has a copy of the most up to date digitized text in MS Word format. A Go Bible has been made already, albeit with default English user interface.
Cult / Unorthodox / Questionable Bibles




  • Calvin's Commentaries [54]
Current approach is to combine ThML files from CCEL and convert to OSIS.
This work is mostly done - see: [55]
At the time of writing, it should be available in the CrossWire 'beta' repository.
  • Skeptic's Annotated Bible (file under unorthodox), the similar The Scripture Project, and any of the various refutations/responses, e.g. [56].


There are several good on-line devotionals listed by the Asia-Pacific Institute Of Biblical Studies. Among them are the following.

  • The Believer's Daily Remembrancer aka The Pastor's Morning Visit (1846), by James Smith (1802-1862). Digitization has already begun. [57].
  • Faith's Check Book, by C. H. Spurgeon. [58]. Fully digitized. Single download available. [59]


  • Unabridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon -- worth researching; The text exists in electronic format, at least licensed. It's important that this not be the "Abridged BDBG" which is Larry Pierce's altered module.
  • What Does the Bible Say About and Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary, lightweight but potentially interesting and useful resources and (based on testing from text portions obtained from ebible.com) easy to convert to SWORD format. Contact attempted, see NKJV above. There are other resources possible here as well, on a more restricted basis at ebible.com, in the "New Illustrated" series (commentary, "topics"), any of which should be convertible.
  • Thayer's Greek Lexicon (no source known)


For further leads, please visit Biblical Art on the WWW.

Bible illustrations

  • The Bible and Its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons, edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer. 1908. I have found many of these images available online at [60].


External links

Please add links here that may be fruitful in suggesting further leads.


CrossWire volunteers who are also Wikipedians are encouraged to update such articles based on their specialist knowledge.