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Here is a place to request modules you would like to be made. If the copyright holder has been contacted, the permissions granted or not can be put here.

New modules are made largely on the basis of content availability and distributability. If you have a link to new material in the public domain, adding it here is a good way of notifying us of its availability. However there is no guarantee that anyone will be interested in creating a module from that material. If you want to see a new module, your quickest results will come from encoding it in OSIS yourself and submitting that to us.

If you would like to see the addition of text currently under copyright and have not made any attempt to get permission for distribution, there is no point to adding it here and the addition will likely be removed. If you only have a link to non-text material (images, PDFs, etc.), there is no point to adding it here and it will likely be removed.

Before you add a module request in this page, please check to see whether the desired module has already been released through the repository. Many more languages are there than on the CrossWire repositories.

This page contains numerous external links. If you find any dead links, please delete the entry, unless you can find a new one.

Please, prior adding new texts look at this list of rejected or ignored copyright requests. There is no point re-adding things to here if they are listed there.

English Bibles

The 1923 date threshold is significant for copyright reasons. Anything published before 1923 is public domain under the terms of the DCMA.

Before 1923
  • Complete the Tyndale Bible module to include all parts of the Bible translated by Tyndale. The current module doesn't even include the whole NT. Besides the NT Tyndale also translated the Pentateuch, and Jonah, and other books later published in Matthew's Bible (Book of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, First and Second Samuel, First and Second Kings, and First and Second Chronicles).
Jonah (1531)
Genesis (1530)
Wesley Center Online also has all of Tyndale's translation, except those published posthumously (by Matthew Thomas). Both Tyndale and Wycliffe from the Wesley Center are the transcription of Sergej A. Fedosov of the Slavic Bible site.
Some problems with Fedosov's work is that he didn't transcribe the line over vowels that represented a n, or m--so the text has a lot of hi meaning him, the meaning them, wet meaning went etc...where these are not spellings that the printer used. He also transcribed the þt, þe and such thorn symbols as ye, yt instead of the, that, etc...but transcribed the "and" symbol (&) as "and".
  • Laurence Tomson (1587) Geneva Bible 1587 Revision. Check Slavic Bible version for (significant?) differences from 1599 Geneva.
  • KJV (original 1611 version/orthography). There exist some reprints in paper - has anyone scanned it? Also a few electronic editions exist--check into adapting one for SWORD.
  • The Bay Psalm Book (1640) – the first book, that is still in existence, printed in British North America. BiblioLife have published a digitized edition. See [1].
  • Scottish Metrical Psalter (1650). This is available in Online Bible (Topic) format at [2] The complete text is online in HMTL format at [3].
  • The Psalter from the Book of Common Prayer of 1662, the rights of which are vested in the Crown. The text in RTF format is available to download as a single file at [4]. Each Psalm has a title in Latin. Versification differs from that of the KJV.
  • A Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek (1795) by Thomas Haweis. Gutenberg text available at [7]. This is a well prepared source, very suitable for conversion to a module.
  • Charles Thomson English translation of the Greek Septuagint (LXX) Bible. Horne says (1846): "Very few copies of Mr. Thomson's work have reached England, and even in America it has become very scarce and dear." Looks like the full text of what must be a PD work has been posted online. Not well implemented. The versification doesn't take proper account of the fact that the original verse numbers were in the page margin, so they have verse text starting mid-word at quite the wrong place.
  • Revised Version (1885) – see the external links in the Wikipedia page for two online editions in HTML format, and one to a facsimile PDF copy
  • The New Testament Revised and Translated (1904) by Adolphus S. Worrell (1831-1908) – The text is available at [9]. More detailed description given in [10].
After 1923
  • Michael Paul Johnson (1996) God's Living Word is a solo translation by the editor of the World English Bible. It only covers the Gospel of John and the epistles of John, but I'd like to see it in SWORD. It's already in OSIS format at the link with creative commons (commercial use) copyright allowing redistribution.
  • A Translation for Translators – a special translation of the Bible designed to help translators to know implicit information in the original languages that is often required in translating the Holy Bible to other languages. It presents alternate ways of translating that may be necessary in various languages. It also gives additional insight to people who are just interested in reading and studying the Bible in English. A Translator's Translation is a version of the same text, edited to be more smoothly readable for the latter group. Work is currently in progress on the Old Testament, and will be updated here periodically. Copyright © 2008 - 2011 Ellis W. Deibler, Jr. [11]
  • The Unlocked Bible – an open-licensed version of the Bible that is intended to provide a “form-centric” understanding of the Bible. The Unlocked Literal Bible is another open-licensed revision of the 1901 American Standard Version now in the public domain. The contact info is for Door43, which is a ministry linked to Distant Shores Media. David Haslam already has contact. The revision is still draft status. David Haslam reported a minor versification issue on 2015-12-02.
Original languages
Greek NT
See the List of New Testament uncials on Wikipedia, for possible further leads.
French Bibles
See Histoire de la Bible en France.
See also Traductions de la Bible en français and La Bible en français du XVe au milieu du XXe siècle.
See also Bibles historiques (graphiques) – a useful index of external links to scanned facsimiles of historic French Bibles.
  • La Bible Genève 1669. The complete New Testament is online at [12] (& [13]). The OT books are not yet digitised. The orthography has some quirks, such as "f" in words such as in "Paul prifonnier de Jefus Chrift". The original would have used the archaic long letter "ſ". Reverting these could not be easily scripted because the letter "f" is also part of the French alphabet. A dictionary based approach might be feasible, but there would still be many cases that require a human decision (e.g. "fera" vs "ſera"). Another site with this Bible is [14]; at first sight this seems to not have the same orthography fault.
  • La Bible de David Martin 1707. The original 1707 David Martin translation is published on-line in modern orthography. The complete Bible is now available, also with a download in MS Word format, "Bible sans copyright. Copie et rediffusion autorisées. Modifié le 04/04/2014.".
  • La Bible de David Martin 1855. The complete NT plus 29 OT books are now available. The site is maintained by Desmond O'Shea. "Tous les textes bibliques contenus ici sont libres de droit vous pouvez les réutiliser et les diffuser sans mon autorisation." English: "All biblical texts contained herein are free you can reuse and distribute without my permission." The same website also has the complete Bible David Martin 1744, which may well prove to be a better text source than we used for our SWORD module. The 1744 & 1855 editions are hosted one page per chapter, so scripting would be required to capture the complete text.
  • La Bible de Saci - 1759 – Bible complete traduit sur la Vulgate par le Maistre de Saci, dite aussi Bible de Mons (Port Royal). Note: For the historical background, see [16]. Permission to use digitized text received via contact through David Haslam.
  • L’Ancien Testament Traduit D’Après L’Hébreu par H.-Auguste Perret-Gentil (professeur à la Faculté de Neuchâtel) 1861, 1866. The 1861 text is available in PDF format from [17].
  • La Sainte Bible commentée d'après la Vulgate (8 volumes, 1888-1895) par Louis-Claude Fillion (1843-1927). Electronic edition available at [18].
  • La Bible de Lausanne (1872) - Nouveau Testament complet. Electronic edition available at [19].
  • Le Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ - Version Oltramare (1874). Electronic edition available at [20].
  • Le Nouveau Testament traduction de Stapfer (1889). Electronic edition available at [21].
  • Le Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ et le Livre des Psaumes - Version Synodale (1921). Electronic edition available at [22].
  • La Bible King James Française 2015 (D'après la version AV 1611, Traduction Nadine L. Stratford) [23], [24]. 2009-07-16 Email received by David Haslam from N. Stratford granting permissions for both Go Bible and CrossWire SWORD module.
Roman Catholic translations

There are also several French Catholic Bible translations hosted at including:

  • La Bible Vigouroux (HTML) – incorporating the French Vulgate translation of 1879 by l'Abbé Glaire.
    See also Marjorie Burghart's derived GitHub project VulgGlaire.
  • La Bible Crampon (HTML)

La Traduction catholique de Louis-Claude Fillion (1843-1927) is also available at [25]. Rights reserved/Droits réservés: Magnificat.

German Bibles
  • Volxbibel – A new German Bible translation in the language of the young generation. The translation is under the Creative Commons license, so non-commercial use and distribution is allowed. A SWORD module called VLX3 has been already created by Jan Krohn, who has also built Go Bible applications for Java mobile phones.
  • Zürcher Bibel 1931 – Die Ursprünge der Zürcher Bibel gehen auf die Reformation in Zürich unter Ulrich Zwingli zurück (1531). Die Zürcher Bibel von 1931 gehört zu den strukturtreuen Übersetzungen und legt dabei grossen Wert auf philologische Genauigkeit. Bezüglich Texttreue wird sie bei Vergleichen von Bibelübersetzungen meist nahe bei der Elberfelder Bibel gesehen und oft etwas lesbarer als diese beschrieben. – The ZIP file was uploaded to sourceforge on 12-Apr-2009.

There is a module for Online Bible. This might work as a source if it is not also taken from the Zefania-XML-file.

  • Die Bibel nach der Übersetzung von Hermann Menge as discussed in this thread. The translation is of a high quality and went into the public domain last year. The German Bible Society had updated orthography and punctuation, which is a non-copyrightable act, and reissued the bible in the 1990's, so it would be desirable to use their updated version. It was double-checked with them that this is legal and that the digital text of the Menge-Bibel as found on the GBS websites may be used freely, including for the purposes of making a module. An unofficial module from a Zefania source is linked to in the above forum thread.
Polish Bibles
  • Biblia Tysiąclecia. Several Polish translations are available as Go Bible applications from [26]. This is one for which there is not an existing SWORD module.
Spanish Bibles

For a more comprehensive list, see [27]

  • Fr. Bernardo Hurault (1971) Biblia Latinoaméricana a.k.a Christian Community Bible - Spanish version. Sent email 11/4/08 requesting rights. Response received 11/12/2008 from China which says the Sociedad Bíblica Católica Internacional is the copyright holder. My request is forwarded, but another in spanish is pending.
  • World Bible Translation Center (after 1987) Easy To Read Version Spanish translation. Rights requested 11/05/2008
  • Nueva Versión Internacional
  • Dios Habla Hoy (United Bible Societies). This is available online at the ABS BibleSearch site.

For all these, please ask for further information at sword-devel.

  • SBB denied permissions, someone from Brasília intends to try again.
  • IBB has left the door open to a future favourable answer. Need to follow up with request for permissions on Versão Revisada and its Almeida Século XXI successor.
  • Corrigida low-quality copies are available, we need to evaluate if it is worthwhile to move forward: old translation, not too good, OCR will be troublesome.
  • Tradução Brazileira (1917) copy obtained, working library contacts to find a book scanner. Public domain in the USA, still copyrighted in Brazil.
  • Tradução Literal da Bíblia (dead link) by Bernd Bremicker. This is an independent Portuguese Bible translation work in progress. The files are in PDF format, and so far cover a substantial part of the NT. Bernd Bremicker was found on Skype, so we might be able to establish contact with him.
  • World Bible Translation Center (after 1987) Easy To Read Version Portuguese translation. (If the WBTC is amenable to allow other languages be published, I will specifically request and post here Portuguese allowance if given) The WBTC lists the version as 'Brazilian Portuguese'.
  • The Trinitarian Bible Society has completed a 2011 revision of the Portuguese (Almeida Corrigida Fiel) Bible. David Haslam will lobby TBS for permissions. He visited the TBS offices in London on 2012-01-23. (and how did that lobbying go? --Nic Carter 20:57, 6 September 2013 (MDT))
  • Permissions were obtained on a number of texts from SBP, as per post at sword-devel.
Welsh Bibles
  • 1620 Translation (William Morgan's 1588, revised by Parry and Davies in 1620). [28]. See also Text Development. See also [29].
    Public Domain. Texts for Numbers, Deuteronomy, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, Job, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Luke, and 2 Corinthians are not yet available.
    In 2010, David Haslam has learned that the Bible Society has the William Morgan translation available in USFM format, and has been given the relevant contact information, with permissions likely to be given to CrossWire. They have received several user requests for the William Morgan translation to be made available on mobile phones, i.e. by means of our Go Bible application.
  • Revised New Welsh Bible (Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd Argraffiad Diwygiedig). Available for free as a e-Sword Module. So Bible Society may well be happy for it to be available for SWORD as well. [30], [31]
Cornish Bibles
  • The Cornish Bible Project
    This project is run under the auspices of the Cornish Language Board, and the Bishop of Truro's Ecumenical Advisory Group for Services in Cornish. The translations are checked against the best editions of the Hebrew and Greek texts, and will be made available in both the Unified and Common Cornish spelling systems. The New Testament (Common Cornish version), with a Commendation by the Archbishop of Canterbury, is now complete, and was published on 13 August 2004. Translation of the Old Testament is underway, with parts already published as separate booklets. Of all the Celtic languages, it was only Cornish that did not have its own translation of the Bible. This was a severe handicap: if the Bible had been translated perhaps the language would not have died.
  • An Beybel Sans, the first complete translation of the Bible into Cornish was published in August 2011. It was translated by Nicholas Williams, taking a total of 13 years to complete. Having completed the New Testament, Williams translated the Old Testament into Standard Cornish from various of sources, including Hebrew and Greek texts, starting with Leviticus, which he regarded as one of "the boring bits". Published by Evertype. See also An Beybel Sans: The Holy Bible in Cornish.
Maltese Bibles
  • Maltese Bible. The Trinitarian Bible Society published theirs in 1980. with a reprint in 2007.[32]
Other European languages
Latin script languages
  • Dutch Delftse Bijbel (1477). Jacob Jacobszoon van der Meer en Mauricius Yemantszoon van Middelborch, Delft 1477. Editie Nicoline van der Sijs en medewerkers Bijbeldigitaliseringsproject. See [33]. Text download available in PDF format. Front page has "© 2008 dbnl". Pages 1-25 contain a lot of scholarly background details in modern Dutch.
  • Dutch Statenvertaling Bible – complete with Apocrypha. Statenvertaling includes the Apocrypha, the text is is based on the 1888 edition, which has been altered several times to comply with new spelling rules. See [34]. Copyright claim refers to [35].
  • Hungarian NT. Roman Catholic translation by P. Békés Gellért & P. Dalos Patrik.
  • Serbian Emilijan Čarnić (1973, 1992) NT. [36]
  • Svenska Reformationsbibeln. This modern Swedish Bible translation is based on the Textus Receptus for the New Testament. Work has begun on translating the Old Testament, based on the Masoretic Text. The stance of the website is one in defence of these traditional texts, and therefore critical of modern translations made using dynamic equivalence methods and eclectic texts. The translators have currently completed the Pentateuch and all the New Testament. It may be several years before the rest of the OT is translated. David Haslam is in indirect contact with the project leaders. They have responded positively to the request for CrossWire to distribute this new translation. A Go Bible version has been built by Thomas Dilts.
  • Swedish - Gezelius Biblia (1711-1728). Carl XII Biblia in Late New Swedish (1750-1880) language revision by Johannes Gezelius (1686–1733). Digitized text (derived from the 1860's printed editions) is available from Projekt Gezelius.
  • Catalan Bible Bíblia Evangèlica Catalana. Copyright © 2000, Institució Bíblica Evangèlica de Catalunya (IBEC). An iPhone application [37] for this is now available, as is an e-Sword module [38]. In view of the BEC edition being freely available for the iPhone and e-Sword, David Haslam made a request with a view to developing a SWORD module and Go Bible application. Permissions received 2009-12-02.
  • Slovak translations. A member of the Go Bible Forum has recently posted that he has permissions for the Slovak Catholic translation from Spolok svätého Vojtecha (SSV), Trnava, Slovakia. See [39]. Login first for the direct link to work. This translation includes deuterocanonical books. Await first SWORD release that will support Alternate Versification.
  • An Bíobla Naofa (1981), or the Maynooth (Maigh Nuad) Bible, is a translation of the Bible into Modern Irish Gaelic by a team of translators, edited by Monsignor Pádraig Ó Fiannachta. It includes deuterocanonical books. It is available in printed form (ISBN 1870684907) as well as in Word and PDF format on CD-ROM[40]. John Duffy has received permissions to make a SWORD module, etc.[41] Awaiting first SWORD release that will support Alternate Versification. A Go Bible edition has been made with assistance from David Haslam. This is now available from An Bíobla Naofa.
  • Lule Sami New Testament. A new translation of NT in Lule Sami, based on an edition from 1913 but using modern orthography, was begun in 1996. The Swedish Bible Society was responsible for this translation which was completed in 2000. Cited from [42].
  • Northern Sami Bible. Work is in progress on a new Bible translation in Northern Sami using the new orthography from 1980. The Gospels and Acts were completed in 1995, followed by the New Testament in the beginning of 1998. Presently, translation of the Old Testament is in progress, with a planned completion in 2008. The translation is based on the Norwegian Bible with the Norwegian and Finnish Bible Societies being responsible for the project. Cited from [43].
  • The complete Estonian Bible (OT, NT & Apocrypha) is available online at Piibel.NET. (NB. The table of contents requires Javascript.) There is also another online edition (OT, NT only) at cf. The existing SWORD module Est is Genesis plus NT only. Worthwhile making enquiries to the EPS about copyright permissions. For a history of Estonian Bible translations, see [44]. The two online translations are not the same edition. One example of the difference is in the rendering of the divine name in the OT. In 1. Mos 2:4 has 'Issand', whereas has 'Jehoova'. (cf. SWORD module Est uses the former).
  • The Lithuanian Bible including the Apocrypha is available online in HTML format on the website of Jesus Christ Saves Ministries. Pages are encoded Windows-1250 (Central European). This is not the same translation as the existing SWORD module.
  • The Bible Society of Lithuania – Ecumenical Translation. David Haslam now in contact. Source files exists in USFM format for complete Bible including the deuterocanonical books. Request for permissions to be put to the Board, with a meeting expected in March 2010.
  • New Lithuanian translation: Old Testament and New Testament from the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages by Algirdas Jurėnas. – Duncanville, Tex. : World Wide Printing, c2000 (Sterling Heights, Mich. : Distributed by Lutheran Heritage Foundation). ISBN 1-58712-019-4. Has been described as a slavishly literal translation.
  • The complete Latvian Bible (1997). Currently, the Latvian version which is on the CrossWire repository is NT only, and is not commonly used. Jānis Veinbergs has sent an email to the Latvian Bible Society.
  • "Det nye testamente" translated to nynorsk (Norwegian) 1883-1889 by Samlaget. Belongs to the public domain. The bible is already scanned and available, and needs OCR processing.
  • Indrebøbibelen 1938 revised version of the "Studentmållagsbibelen frå 1921" written in nynorsk (Norwegian), published by Det Norske Bibelselskap. Should belong to the public domain since 2009. Requested permission.
  • A complete Manx bible – completed in 2005 with its publication in electronic form by the Manx Heritage Foundation.
  • Modern Basque: The new Elizen arteko Biblia was published in 1983 (New Testament) and completed 1994. Online edition available at [47].
Cyrillic script languages
  • Russian Synodal translation (1876), complete with deuterocanonical books, and using the Alternate Versification proper to the RSB.[48] cf. The existing RST module (based on Sergej A. Fedosov's Slavic Bible for Windows) must be the protocanonical subset, as adapted to use standard KJV versification. A complete RSB is available in HTML format at [49], but would require checking for accuracy against the best known modern printed version. Tigran Aivazian has reported, "if you need the source code for our edition of the Russian Synodal Bible please email me and I'll send it. We (mostly Vladimir Volovich) have fixed quite a few typos by comparison with many other printed (and electronic) editions and believe ours to be the cleanest/accurate source of the synodal text. Btw, we have done the 5th edition recently, I hope you downloaded the PDF of the 5th and not the 4th edition (check the title page, it says at the back)." Copied from [50].
  • "Радостная Весть" - Good News in translation from ancient greek (Russian Bible Society Currenty they prepare modern translation of full Bible, and asked to repeat request after 15 april of 2011. --Kalemas 07:17, 22 September 2010 (UTC)
  • Geneva Bible In Russian with commentaries.
  • Ukrainian new translation by Oleksandr Gyzha [51]. Email contact established with web-master. Permissions received (17 November 2008).
  • Macedonian Bible. Old and New Testaments / translated DH Konstantinov - Bitola Euroliber, 1999. David Haslam has contact with the web-master of the Macedonian Online Bible website.
  • Macedonian Bible. First Edition fully translated into modern Macedonian literary language, issued by the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Copyright 1990 United Bible Societies.
  • Serbian Danicic–Karadžic Bible. Vuk Karadžic translated the New Testament in 1847, and Ðuro Danicic finished his translation of the Old Testament in 1865. Public Domain [52].
  • Serbian Lujo Bakotić (1933) complete Bible.
  • Serbian Dimitrije Stefanović (1934) NT.
  • Turkish Cyrillic Bible – see [53]. David Haslam is a longstanding friend of the secretary of the Translation Trust. Though the article refers only to the printed NT, it's feasible to script the conversion of the Turkish Bible source text into Cyrillic. I meant follow this up after my visit in late 2011, but I let things slip rather.
  • Bulgarian 1940 Bible transcribed to modern Bulgarian orthography by Cup & Cross Ministries International.
    "While the text is free to use, we do require that proper description is included along with the text for reasons of protecting its holistic quality."
Copyright Information
This digital version is based on the 1940 edition of the Bulgarian Bible. The original text has been revised according to the current Bulgarian alphabet. The applied transliteration method is patented and may not be used without an express written permission from the patentee. The current version contains exactly: 66 books, 1,189 chapters, 31,101 verses, 679,466 words and 3,027,900 characters. It may be reproduced electronically only in its entirety, except in cases of direct quotation accompanied with complete bibliographical note. The text may be digitally formatted only if this does not modify the order and meaning of words, phrases and sentences. While the order of the books may be rearranged according to the Western canon, the original chapter and verse numbering must be preserved. Titles may be translated.
Version Information
This digital version is based on the 1940 edition of the Bulgarian Bible.The original text has been revised according to the current Bulgarian alphabet. The text contains the following technical markings:
<> Translators note representing text not contained in MSS
[] Text not found in all known MSS
{} Meaning of the preceding word or phrase
() Grammatical function (in parentheses)
Hebrew script languages
  • Yiddish New Testament – copyright belongs to The Society For Distributing Hebrew Scriptures (SDHS), Joseph House, 1 Bury Mead Road, Hitchin, Herts SG5 1RT, ENGLAND, UK. Tel: 01462 457486 Fax: 01462 451568 (Registered Charity No. 232692). SDHS literature is officially distributed in the USA by "Light for Israel".
American languages
See Bible translations into Native American languages.
Zuni (Mark and John are ready, Acts is still being digitized).


Only Luke and parts of Matthew were ever translated, these texts are available on


The Cherokee module should be updated. At the time of its creation the NT was still going through proofreading, which has now been completed. Also Genesis and other old testament books have been digitized.

Cherokee New Testament
Genesis (1856))
Jonah (1888)
Haggai] (1965) published without copyright and so public domain

(Books with only fragments)

1 Kings (portions only)
Proverbs (portions only)
Psalms (portions only)
  • Baibala Hawaiian Bible – full text online from the 1839 and 1868 editions, and now with the text for the 1994 and 2012 editions. Copyright © 2003-2008 by Partners In Development Foundation, which is solely responsible for this product. This website may be utilized for personal use, but may not be used for commercial purposes or copied to any other website. See [54] for full terms & conditions. Ulukau uses open-source Greenstone software. The two earlier editions must be public domain by reason of their age, the two recent editions are copyright. All four editions can be accessed from mobiles by visiting
  • Papiamento Bible – Netherlands Antilles. The Bible is known to have been completed in this language in 1996 [55]. This site has a link to download Luke's Gospel in PDF format, published by Christus Rex. Text is selectable. The font seems to be customized, even though it is CourierStd. The circumflex accent (U+005E) is displayed like a combining double breve below (U+035C). Need to establish who owns the copyright.
African Languages
There are an estimated 2000 languages spoken in Africa! [56]
Nigerian languages
  • Yoruba Bible (1884). Samuel Ajayi Crowther translated the whole Bible into Yoruba and concluded it in the mid 1880s—it is known as Bibeli Mimo. In 1875 the Church Missionary Society (CMS) organized a conference on Yoruba Orthography; the standard devised there was the basis for the orthography of the steady flow of religious and educational literature over the next seventy years. The current orthography of Yoruba derives from a 1966 report of the Yoruba Orthography Committee, along with Ayo Bamgbose's 1965 Yoruba Orthography, a study of the earlier orthographies and an attempt to bring Yoruba orthography in line with actual speech as much as possible. In 1957, BFBS reprinted Bibeli Mimo, using the 1909 edition of the OT and the 1930 revised edition of the NT.[59] The 1884 text of Bibeli Mimo must be public domain. Need to find digital version. David Haslam is in contact with someone who is developing a SWORD module for the Yoruba Bible.
  • The Bibeli Yoruba Atọ́Ka – Yoruba Reference Bible Online is another Yoruba translation. This version is copyright of KAYBAL Bible Mission, Ibadan, Nigeria, and hosted by African Bibles Online with permission. File format is scanned to PDF, so not readily convertible to a digitized text.
  • Igbo Bible (1906). The text must be public domain. Need to find digital version.
  • Efik Bible (1868). The text must be public domain. Need to find digital version.
Other languages
  • Amharic Bible (Ethiopia) [60]
  • Zarma Bible (Niger) [61]
  • Fulfuldé Adamawa Bible (Cameroun) [62]
  • Moore New Testament (Burkina Faso) [63]
  • Kabyle New Testament (Algeria) [64]. Like many other online copies of the Kabyle NT, this one has several omissions, probably due to having been copied from the text found at the Unbound Bible Project [65]. News update - March 2010: David Haslam has received the Kabyle Révisé Psalms and NT in USFM format. His contact in AWM is seeking permissions from the Algerian Bible Society on behalf of CrossWire.
  • Kisongye New Testament (Congo) (1925) [66]
  • Complete Swahili Bible (East Africa) [67] – Union Version June 2003. Need to obtain permissions from copyright owner for non-Paratext use.
  • Tshiluba Gospel of Mark (Congo) [68]
  • Wolof New Testament (Senegal, the Gambia, Mauritania) (1987,2004,2008) [69][70] – Copyright is held by Les Assemblées Evangéliques du Sénégal and La Mission Baptiste du Sénégal.
  • Wolofal NT portions (Luke, John, Acts). Wolof language in Arabic script. [71]
  • Hanga NT (Ghana). Found electronic text in the Oxford Text Archive. [72]
Bible Society of South Africa

The following translations are available as free cellphone Bibles from BSSA. David Haslam is in contact with their CAP Officer for Publications and Scripture Programmes.

  • Afrikaans – 1933/53 translation, 1983 translation, 'Die Bybel vir Almal';
  • English – King James Version;
  • Northern Sotho – 1951 translation;
  • Southern Sotho – 1909 translation in standard orthography;
  • Tsonga – 1929 translation;
  • Tswana – 1908 translation; 1970 revised translation;
  • Xhosa – 1975 version; 1996 translation;
  • Zulu – 1893 translation, 1959 translation, New Testament and Psalms 1986 translation.

Translations listed, but not yet as cellphone editions:

  • Southern Ndebele – 1986 First New Testament and selected Psalms;
  • Swati – 1996 translation;
  • Venda – 1936 first Bible; 1998 translation.
Berber (Tamazight) Languages
  • Tarifit, the Tamazight language from the Rif in Northern Morocco (Latin script).
  • Tamazight, the Tamazight language from Middle Atlas in Morocco (Arabic script).
  • Tachelhit, the Tamazight language from the South of Morocco (Latin script).
Need to establish contact with a view to copyright lobbying.
Asian Languages

It would be helpful to the churches in Central Asia, South Asia and South East Asia if Bible modules can be developed for the languages of these regions. CrossWire volunteers who have a particular interest in Asia should be seeking opportunities to obtain permissions and offering our services to the Bible agencies working in the regions.

  • World Bible Translation Center (after 1987) Easy To Read Version Nepali, Vietnamese, Bengali, Indonesian translations. Rights requested 11/05/2008
Languages of China
Use this section for Bibles translated in other languages of China. Remember that this topic may be politically sensitive.
  • The Classical Chinese Bible on wikisource. Public Domain. This is also known as the Wenli version, based on the work of Robert Morrison. The NT was published in 1906. The OT was published in 1919. Amendments were published in 1923, and a final revision in 1934. For further details about the language, see [73].
Indian subcontinent
  • Paite Bible - [75]. Copyright belongs to the Bible Society of India. The Paite e-Holy Bible is a Windows application that uses the SWORD API. David Haslam has contact with the producer of the Paite Go Bible. Should follow this up for CrossWire.
  • Hmar Bible - permissions for SWORD Module and Go Bible have been received in an email sent to David Haslam. The Hmar NT was originally sent to him in PageMaker .PMD format. Yesudas Solomon has assisted in making the Go Bible application. Need to obtain the digitized text in a convertible format.
  • Gangte Bible - David Haslam has received a request for help towards making a Go Bible edition. Text file received in VPL format. Copyright belongs to the Evangelical Synod Church. Email dialogue begun about copyrights, etc.

The following four Indian languages Bibles are available as Java ME mobile phone applications made using Go Bible Creator [76]. David Haslam has contact with the producer, Yesudas Solomon, who is based in Tamilnadu. Most of these have also been made into SWORD modules and are available from the Word of God Team.

  • Hindi Bible
  • Tamil (OV) Bible (also Catholic Tamil version)
  • Malayalam Bible
  • Kannada KJV Bible
  • Telugu Bible
  • Hmar Bible

The text sources for the above translations were used by direct permissions of the translators, even though the Bible Society of India has been unresponsive. The SWORD modules are provided as self-extracting EXE files for Windows platform. Two kinds are available, one for BPBible, the other for The Sword Project (BibleCS). Users of CrossWire front-ends designed for other platforms would therefore have to copy them from a Windows PC, or use a suitable software utility to extract them from the EXE file.

The Word of God Team also offers the same translations in e-Sword format, with the addition of the following translations, not yet made into SWORD modules:

  • Kannada ERV Bible
  • Kannada BSI Bible
  • Koya Bible

See also the Indian Bibles site launched on Jan 26th, 2013.

The following translations are from other sources.

  • Marathi New Testament – translated by Ratnakar Hari Kelkar. The full text is available in PDF format at [77]. Need to establish contact with the copyright owner, Prof. R. R. Kelkar, Pune, India.
  • Konkani Bible – online HTML version available at [78]. This Catholic translation includes the Apocrypha. The site is a project of
  • Bengali Bible – the Bengali Old Version Bible was first published in 1909. This date may mean that copyright on the text has expired. A digitized edition is available online at Bangladesh Bible Society in PDF format. This requires the SutonnyMJ font, which is not a Unicode font. Worth further research.
  • Gujarati OV Bible – available at [79]. Currently only Genesis, John and Acts is shown in the search engine.
  • Punjabi Pavitr Bible 1945 Edition – available at [80] text digitized by a team of volunteers in Punjab. This Bible text is copyright expired as per Indian copyright law. Requested by Baiju M (2016-12-24).
Central Asia & Caucasus

Please visit for details of xulsword modules for several languages of this region.

  • Azerbaijan Bibles - Yeniheyat. Azeri Latin (HTML) & Azeri Cyrillic (PDF). David Haslam has been sent the USFM files for the Azeri Latin 2008 translation (with permissions!), and is in contact with the Azerbaijan Partnership and other interested parties. The Northern Azeri (Latin script) module is available in the main CrossWire repository.
  • Kyrgyz Bible. David Haslam has made a Go Bible version (Cyrillic) by permission from one of the translators who worked on the Ray of Hope translation. This is only one of the three modern Kyrgyz translations. Not yet published the Go Bible version - still waiting for completion of the UI translation. There are now two pairs of Kyrgyz Bible versions available as xulsword modules from IBT.
  • Mongolian 'KJV' Bible (Cyrillic script) – David Haslam was contacted on 2011-04-14 by the leader of the translation team, with advance permissions to proceed. 2011-11-15 Received source text files for the four Gospels, Acts, Romans, 1,2,3 John and Jude. (2012-06-16) Some further books have been checked and copies sent to David Haslam, which are now in his to do list for updating the module.
  • Mongolian Bible (Ariun Bibli) Cyrillic script. The complete Bible is available for The SWORD Project for Windows and for Eloquent. Trying to find out download details.
  • Ariun Bibli – the complete Mongolian Bible in Romanized script. Available online in HTML format. Gospel Go is not the copyright owner.
South East Asia
  • New Malay Bible - Kitab Suci Zabur & Injil (KSZI) translation, copyright © 2008 Pengamat Kitab Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia. Translation of the OT (Taurat) is an ongoing work. David Haslam has contact with someone who has negotiated permissions. 2010-02-22 CrossWire has been granted distribution permissions for the KSZI as long as it is kept free of charge. This website has the Psalms & NT available online, albeit with some minor errors and a couple of omissions. We have since received a copy of the translator's source text in RTF format.
  • Iban Bible translation © The Bible Society of Malaysia 2011. – David Haslam has contact with someone who is negotiating with the copyright owner for distribution permissions. Please pray.
  • Hmong Bible (Laos, Vietnam, China, USA). See Hmong Bible Online, in which it is hoped that the Hmong Bible eventually be published online. David Haslam is in contact with the web-master. The translation was published using QuarkXPress 4.0, after having been converted from WordPerfect 12 but with subsequent edits. Permissions are OK, subject to written conformation. Update (2012-01-24) In November 2011, David Haslam received the complete text for the Hmong NT as a .qxd file and has since begun work on preprocessing to USFM.
NB. Some of the external links in this section are now broken.
  • Myanmar languages. David Haslam has contact with the Myanmar Bibles website. The following languages are listed as available translations. Some are complete Bibles, the rest are NT only. OSIS files are already available for all these versions. I have started to work on some of them. (Some of these were converted TeX into OSIS by There is a separate XML file for each book of the Bible. Some of these files required further editing to correct & improve the OSIS markup. Back in June 2008, there was definite interest for Go Bible, and I imagine they would be also interested for the SWORD project. Falam and Tedim would be the easiest to start with, as these use Latin script with no additional characters. Follow up is intended.
    • Myanmar Judson 1835 – this has been used as a better text source for our BurJudson module.
    • MCL 2005 – Myanmar Common Language Bible
    • Chin Study 2007
    • Cho NT 1999
    • Falam 2005
    • Hakha 2005
    • Kachin 2005
    • Lahu 2002
    • Lhao Vo (Maru) NT 2003
    • Matu NT 2005
    • Ngawn NT 2005
    • Tedim 2004
    • Pwo Karen 2005 – United Bible Societies
    • S'gaw Karen 1853 – Rev. Francis Mason (1799 - 1844)
    • Sizang 2002
    • Zaniat NT & Psalms 2007
    • Zotung Chin NT 1999
    • WEB – also used for online parallel translation pages. The text source is not as recent as the latest release from WEB.
  • Myanmar Bibles - Software Project. "The Myanmar Bible Software Project involved the cooperative effort of volunteers from various nations with a variety of specialized skills e.g. Myanmar languages consultants, Bible translations, software programming, formerly led by Levi Sap Nei Thang. The project is built upon the invaluable foundations of the work of many generations of Bible translators and Bible Societies. We seek to develop software that will eventually serve as a Biblical Resource tool for Myanmar, Bible readers, Christians, church leaders, pastors and church planters. Currently, basic Bible software is available in most major languages of the world. Bible software provides the advantage for people not only to study the word in multiple languages. It also provide to opportunity to incorporate biblical references material such as concordance, dictionary and others to help us deepen our knowledge in the word of God."
This request seems well matched to the skills found among CrossWire volunteers.
  • See also ThanLwinSoft (Open Source Software for Myanmar).
    This link is now broken (following the death of Keith Stribley in February 2011). Some pages can still be retrieved from the Wayback Machine[81][82].
Asia Pacific
  • Cebuano Bugna (Ang Biblia, 1917) and Cebuano Pindayag (OT 1917, NT more recent revision based on critical text) translations exist in several places on-line. The designations Bugna & Pindayag are derived from the Cebuano names given to the book of Revelation. Ang Biblia must be PD. Pindayag is copyright by the Philippine Bible Society. For language details see [83].
  • Bagong Ang Magandang Balita Biblia (Revised Tagalog Popular Version). Copyrighted. Ang nilalaman ay mula sa 2005 Edisyon ng Magandang Balita Biblia ng Philippine Bible Society. Available online at Ang Biblia.
  • Bisaya-Inunhan New Testament, translated by Eldon Leaño Talamisan (copyright owner), first published in the Philippines in 1999. The Bisaya-Inunhan language is spoken in Romblon Province, especially in Tablas Island. David Haslam has direct contact with the translator, who has given full permission to the proposal to build a SWORD module and Go Bible application. David now has a copy of the most up to date digitized text in MS Word format. A Go Bible has been made already, albeit with default English user interface.
Eldon would like us to go ahead, so I've put him in contact with Michael Johnson, and sent a copy of the source text files to Michael. David Haslam 08:39, 8 February 2016 (MST)
  • Tok Pisin (tpi) is the most widely spoken language in Papua New Guinea, with English running second.
    2013-05-29 Michael Johnson has received official permission from the Bible Society of Papua New Guinea for the Tok Pisin translation to be published digitally.
    Details have been sent to the sword-devel mailing list.
These PNG languages also have the scriptures available online: (this list may be incomplete)
  • Adzera (adz)
  • Bimin (bhl)
  • Dedua (ded)
  • Gapapaiwa (pwg)
  • Misima-Paneati (mpx)
  • Numanggang (nop)
  • Ubir (ubr)
The terms of use are Creative Commons – Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works.


  • King James Bible: The Translators to the Reader – complete with 134 scripture references. Though often omitted in modern printed editions of the KJV, this is an important part of the published work, in that it sets out the translation principles and explains the need for the Bible that was first published in 1611. There are several places where this can be found online, including this article at Trinitarian Bible Society, which includes their own lead-in paragraphs before the start of the main text. NB. This is not the same as the much shorter preface found in some printed editions, which typically fits in a single page. btw. The text is also part of the ThML file for the KJV that was downloaded from CCEL at the start of the Go Bible project. David Haslam has this available.


  • Russian Explanatory Bible by A.P. Lopukhin. Here is source which I can use in non-commercial purposes Currently converting to osis and obtaining rights


There are several good on-line devotionals listed by the Asia-Pacific Institute Of Biblical Studies. Among them are the following.

  • The Believer's Daily Remembrancer aka The Pastor's Morning Visit (1846), by James Smith (1802-1862). Digitization has already begun. [86].
  • Faith's Check Book, by C. H. Spurgeon. [87]. Fully digitized. Single download available. [88]


  • Fausset's Bible Dictionary – public domain. [89]


  • Unabridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon – worth researching; The text exists in electronic format, at least licensed. It's important that this not be the "Abridged BDBG" which is Larry Pierce's altered module.
  • Any of these Burmese dictionaries would be useful to accompany the BurJudson Bible module. One of those listed is also by Adoniram Judson.


For further leads, please visit Biblical Art on the WWW.

Bible illustrations

  • The Bible and Its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons, edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer. 1908. I have found many of these images available online at [90].

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