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Welcome to CrossWire Bible Society! We hope you will contribute much and well. You will probably want to read the help pages. Again, welcome and have fun! Dmsmith 09:09, 22 April 2013 (MDT)

Content sourced from is not welcome. He violates our licenses and others' in distributing content without authorization and refuses to comply with requests to remove unauthorized content. Further, links to modules are not 'Module Requests'. --Osk 23:38, 22 April 2013 (MDT)

I was never sent any "removal requests" for this module. The module has been requested multiple times on the mailing list and online. As such it is still under request and many users would like to see it in the repository - making it the technical defintion of a "Module Request". If you can provide me verified cited sources showing that the Public Domain work is still in copyright, and that it violates a specific license and contact information for this license holder - I will be happy to remove it. Gaming4jc 19:20, 23 April 2013 (MDT)

As I said, violates our licenses and refuses to comply with our requests to remove content. I didn't say anything about you. You can make a module request on your module requests page, but a compiled module to infringing content is not a request and is not acceptable. If you can find a public domain edition of the 1828 Webster's dictionary from a reputable source (e.g. Wikisource), I'd be happy to make a module and post it on CrossWire's servers. The above cited source is not reputable and customarily violates others' copyrights. The primary publisher of the 1828 Webster's dictionary claims copyright. If you can convince them to grant us permission to distribute their text or can convince them to agree that their text is not public domain, we could use their source. Otherwise, we cannot provide an 1828 Webster's dictionary and you may not post links to infringing content on our servers. --Osk 23:50, 23 April 2013 (MDT)