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Hapax legomena

I plan to provide a list of all the words that appear only once in the text of the KJV. David Haslam 08:25, 18 January 2016 (MST)

Comparison of Words

Analysis of the words and verses from the page as found in Blayney, Old Scofield and our Module. --Dmsmith (talk) 19:16, 25 February 2017 (MST)

(this list may be incomplete)
Book No. Verse Blayney Old Scofield Module Notes
01 Gen.04.22 instructer instructer
01 Gen.08.11 pluckt pluckt
01 Gen.11.03 throughly throughly
01 Gen.13.12 dwelled dwelled
01 Gen.18.07 fetcht fetcht
01 Gen.18.19 houshold household
01 Gen.21.23 falsly falsely
01 Gen.30.20 endued endued
01 Gen.30.37 chesnut chesnut
01 Gen.30.38 pilled pilled
01 Gen.31.38 ews ewes
01 Gen.32.15 foles foals
01 Gen.37.23 stript stript
01 Gen.42.33 housholds households
01 Gen.43.30 yern yearn
01 Gen.49.10 scepter sceptre
01 Gen.49.11 fole foal
01 Gen.49.27 ravin ravin
02 Exod.07.18 lothe lothe
02 Exod.09.32 rie rie
02 Exod.33.22 clift clift
03 Lev.02.04 baken baken
03 Lev.14.42 plaister plaister
03 Lev.18.28 spue spue
03 Lev.18.28 spued spued
04 Num.07.03 waggons wagons
04 Num.07.03 waggon wagon
04 Num.11.04 mixt mixt
04 Num.13.33 grashoppers grasshoppers
04 Num.20.14 travel travail
04 Num.24.17 Scepter Sceptre
05 Deut.10.02 brakedst brakest
05 Deut.32.25 gray gray
05 Deut.24.06 milstone millstone
05 Deut.31.17 befal befall
07 Judg.09.53 scull skull
07 Judg.13.19 wonderously wondrously
07 Judg.16.17 rasor razor
09 1Sam.13.06 straight strait
10 2Sam.06.20 shamelesly shamelessly
10 2Sam.15.12 counseller counsellor
10 2Sam.19.07 befel befell
10 2Sam.19.19 perversly perversely
11 1Kgs.20.28 vallies valleys
12 2Kgs.12.12 hewed stone hewed stone
12 2Kgs.16.04 burnt burnt
12 2Kgs.18.06 clave clave
14 2Chr.02.16 flotes floats
15 Ezra.09.03 astonied astonied
16 Neh.03.01 builded builded
18 Job.07.16 loath loathe
19 Ps.065.01 Sion Sion
19 Ps.109.25 shaked shaked
19 Ps.144.08 falshood falsehood
20 Prov.15.04 wholsome wholesome
20 Prov.20.29 grey gray
21 Eccl.12.05 grashopper grasshopper
23 Isa.05.11 inflame inflame
23 Isa.09.10 sycomores sycomores
23 Isa.41.18 founntains fountains
23 Isa.46.01 loaden loaden
23 Isa.47.02 milstones millstones
23 Isa.57.05 Enflaming Enflaming
25 Lam.03.05 travel travail
25 Lam.04.05 dunghils dunghills
26 Ezek.05.01 rasor razor
26 Ezek.06.03 vallies valleys
26 Ezek.10.05 outer outer
26 Ezek.23.24 waggons wagons
26 Ezek.35.06 sith sith
26 Ezek.39.06 carelesly carelessly
26 Ezek.40.31 utter utter
26 Ezek.42.01 utter utter
26 Ezek.47.02 utter utter
26 Ezek.47.03 ancles ankles
26 Ezek.47.11 marishes marishes
27 Dan.11.22 overflown overflown
37 Hag.02.16 press-fat pressfat pressfat hyphenated across a line
39 Mal.03.02 sope soap
40 Matt.13.27 housholder householder
40 Matt.15.20 unwashen unwashen
42 Luke.14.35 dunghil dunghill
42 Luke.19.09 forsomuch forsomuch
44 Acts.03.07 ancle ankle
44 Acts.27.17 strake strake
47 2Cor.13.02 foretel foretell
47 2Cor.13.11 farewel farewell
57 Phlm.01.08 injoin enjoin
58 Heb.09.20 injoined enjoined
The Module column needs to be completed to avoid misunderstanding as to whether or not it's been compared. David Haslam (talk) 10:17, 14 March 2017 (MDT)


The following items are of interest, though it rather looks as if they may have been prepared with some dependence on the CrossWire KJV module.

David Haslam (talk) 10:00, 14 March 2017 (MDT)

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