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This page is created to ease the migration to Git.

A user mapping of svn user to email used for git commit is required for migration. Here is the usernames extracted from svn log of 'sword' project. This mapping should be completed for correct user mapping when migrating. The left side is the svn Id and right side of '=' is the full name and email address in angle bracket. The email address should be the one that you are going to use when you are making git commits. There are couple of examples given below.

   benpmorgan = 
   charcoal = 
   chrislit = 
   dglassey = 
   dmsmith = 
   dtrotzjr = 
   greg.hellings = 
   jansorg = 
   joachim = 
   lefticus = 
   mdbergmann = 
   mg = 
   mgruner = 
   refdoc = Peter von Kaehne <>
   scribe = Troy A. Griffitts <>
   sterling = 
   tbiggs = 
   trampster = 
   tuhlmann = 
   willthimbleby =

The above mapping can be used as the input for the svn to git migration program.

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