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For users of BibleTime

Form letter that you can print and use for copyright lobbying. To use this, copy the text into your favorite editor. Then you must edit it by replacing everything in square brackets "[ ]", with the right information.
[Copyright Holder]
[Copyright Holder's Address]

To Whom It May Concern [or copyright holder's name],

	Thank you for your time. I use BibleTime ( ). This 
Bible study program uses the software library and data modules developed by 
The SWORD Project ( ). The SWORD Project is a 
free, non-commercial and open source project that develops software tools that 
make writing Bible programs easy.
	I am writing you in hope that you will grant this wonderful project the right 
to distribute your work, [the name of their work, e.g. New International 
Version], as a data module that can be used in any of the many Bible study 
programs that use The SWORD Project's tools and data modules. I know 
personally it would benefit my Bible study if I had access to your very useful 
	I am ready and willing, not only to pay a small fee to be able to use your 
work under BibleTime, but also I am standing ready to field any questions you 
might have about the project. You can contact me at the address below.

In Christ,
[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your E-mail Address]