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Project KJV2006

Project KJV2006 is your project. At the foot of the page, you refer to two KJV 1769 eTexts used for comparison. The criteria for choosing these is given under the earlier heading Faithful representation.

I have discovered what may turn out to be another independent eText for the KJV1769, though it is currently available on-line only as an e-Sword module.

The Spanish RVG downloads page has a box with the following description.

"The KJV1769 for e-Sword
The KJV for e-Sword is not the 1769, it is some other revision. Thanks to Pastor Art Dunham for putting this module together."

It is sometimes feasible to extract the text from an e-Sword user module, and then to convert the extracted text to VPL format. This could be useful as a third comparison with your KJV2006 module text, and might conceivably lead to even greater accuracy. I have already made substantial progress.

David Haslam 17:51, 18 November 2008 (UTC)