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Todo List

  1. Clear module bugs
  2. Clear beta list
  3. MorphGNT stuff (...keep checking until it's back online)
  4. Remake/unify StrongsGreek/StrongsHebrew [MOD-14] [MOD-46]
  5. Remake Nave [MOD-8]
  6. Remake Rotherham [MOD-59]
  7. Remake JFB [MOD-54]
  8. Look into ZhEnglish [MOD-61]
  9. Make TVM module [MOD-57]
  10. Fix LITV [MOD-35]
  11. Update LXX [MOD-28]
  12. Examine Abbott [MOD-22]
  13. Fix SME [MOD-21] [MOD-20] [MOD-26] [MOD-13] and DBD [MOD-49] (see also bugs listed at Modules_in_the_beta_repository)
  14. Remake ASV, Codex Marianus, OrthJBC,
  15. KLV... needs work... inline notes
  16. Reimport: Alb, Aleppo, ArmZorhab, DRA, Diaglott, Geneva1599, Geo, GerElb1871, HebModern, ISV, ItaDio, ItaRive, Korean, LXX, Murdock, Peshitta, RST, RomCor, Rotherham, RusMakarij, UMGreek
  17. Check encoding of CopSahHorner (other Coptic)
  18. Fix headings: DutSVV
  19. Morphology & associated modules
  20. Turkish glossary (others?) < Ergane,FD
  21. French module bugfixes
  22. Tamil Bible rights?
  23. Lewis?
  24. Schaff content -pp
  25. transition TEI P4 modules to TEI P5 (Perseus, GermLex content)
  26. Slavic content
  27. zLD linking support, updates to tei2mod, reimport Webster1913
  28. TEI filters, investigate possibility of TEI GenBooks, ThML->TEI?
  29. Other English-language TEI dictionaries (We,Wi)
  30. TEI glossaries
  31. Gothic lexicon
  32. Scriptures (?)
  33. Wiki Bibles (x3?)
  34. OpenHymnal (GIF>JPEG)
  35. Luther 22/30/46
  36. Look for new source of BurJudson with linked verses (or forward-link through empty vv); BurJudson Unicode 5.1 update?
  37. Karl XII:s Bibel [1]

Holding, pending resubmission or such

  1. pending new osis2mod (have linked verses): Tamajaq, GerLut1545lh, K&D, Clarke, Amharic, MHC ([MOD-65] [MOD-52] [MOD-48] [MOD-34])
  2. pending new osis2mod (have word of Christ): ABU, KJC, Worsley (rename)
  3. pending new osis2mod (pre-verse content problems): GerLut1912

Modules needing occasional updates

  1. SpaTDP
  2. WEB
  3. HNV
  4. GerElb1871r
  5. WelMorgan
  6. IriODomhnuill : main page
  7. Vulgate_Clem

Programming Tasks


  1. UTF8HebrewVowels --> UTF8AbjadVocalization
  2. Make *LD linked entries work


  1. Make imp2gbs not crash
  2. Make tei2mod better (debug/commit memory leak fix & linked entry handling)