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(Todo List)
(Modules needing occasional updates)
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* [http://cherokeenewtestament.com/ Cherokee New Testament]
* [http://cherokeenewtestament.com/ Cherokee New Testament]
* [http://www.sacredbible.org/errata.htm CPDV] – Catholic Public Domain Version
* [http://www.sacredbible.org/errata.htm CPDV] – Catholic Public Domain Version
* [https://github.com/openscriptures/morphhb/tree/master/wlc OSHB] / Last updated 2013-10-11
* [http://tanach.us/Books/ WLC] / Last updated 2013-10-11
=== Modules needing v11n rebuilds (post JSword av11n-compatibility) ===
=== Modules needing v11n rebuilds (post JSword av11n-compatibility) ===

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Module Tasks

Todo List

  1. Fix Luther 1545 (or other edition?) missing book(s)
  2. Clear the rest of this list of completed items :D
  3. Clear module bugs
  4. Clear beta list
  5. Remake JFB [MOD-54]
  6. Look into ZhEnglish [MOD-61] -- maybe unfixable
  7. Remake ASV, Codex Marianus, OrthJBC,
  8. KLV... needs work... inline notes
  9. Reimport: Alb, Aleppo, ArmZorhab, DRA, Diaglott, Geneva1599, Geo, GerElb1871, HebModern, ISV, ItaDio, ItaRive, Korean, LXX, Murdock, Peshitta, RST, RomCor, Rotherham, RusMakarij, UMGreek
  10. Fix headings: DutSVV
  11. Morphology & associated modules
  12. Turkish glossary (others?) < Ergane,FD
  13. Lewis?
  14. Schaff content -pp
  15. transition TEI P4 modules to TEI P5 (Perseus, GermLex content)
  16. zLD linking support(?)
  17. Other English-language TEI dictionaries (Wi)
  18. TEI glossaries
  19. Gothic lexicon
  20. Wiki Bibles (x3?)
  21. Luther 22/30/46
  22. Look for new source of BurJudson with linked verses (or forward-link through empty vv); BurJudson Unicode 5.1 update?
  23. Remake Bible21 from http://online.bible21.cz/ (include paragraphs, poetic markup, titles, (etc.?))
  24. Think about further development of usfm2osis.py

Holding, pending resubmission or such

  1. pending new osis2mod (have linked verses): Tamajaq, GerLut1545lh, K&D, Clarke, Amharic, MHC ([MOD-65] [MOD-52] [MOD-48] [MOD-34])
  2. pending new osis2mod (have word of Christ): ABU, KJC, Worsley (rename)
  3. pending new osis2mod (pre-verse content problems): GerLut1912

Modules needing occasional updates

Modules needing v11n rebuilds (post JSword av11n-compatibility)

  • FinPR92, FinPR(?), FinBiblia(?) (>German?)
  • HinERV (>NRSV)
  • UrduGeo (>NRSV)
  • UrduGeoDeva (>NRSV)

Programming Tasks


  1. UTF8HebrewVowels --> UTF8AbjadVocalization (merge with UTF8ArabicVowels? or is this task no longer necessary?)
  2. Make *LD linked entries work


  1. Make imp2gbs not crash
  2. Make tei2mod better (debug/commit memory leak fix & linked entry handling)

ICU tasks

  1. switch regex to ICU regex
  2. submit transliterators to CLDR