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David Haslam is active in developing Go Bible modules for Java ME enabled mobile phones.


I am an experienced Wikipedian.


My facebook profile is

CrossWire activities

The Go Bible project

I am the Go Bible project leader for CrossWire. The related page content has been moved to Projects:Go Bible. The sidebar of the Go Bible Team blog lists several more relevant links.

Software development

In 2010, we released Go Bible 2.4.0 (together with Go Bible Creator).
In 2011, we released Go Bible Creator 2.4.1 (which still uses Go Bible Core 2.4.0) as a minor bug-fix.

Go Bible Forum

I am the main support person for the Go Bible Forum. This takes up a significant part of my time. As well as responding to user questions, I use the forum to post all sorts of useful information relating to Bible software. Please register & sign in to get the best from this forum. Several categories are accessible only when you are signed in.

Copyright lobbying

I spend a proportion of my time researching Bible translations and copyright lobbying, with a view to getting more Biblical content available for distribution by CrossWire, whether as SWORD modules or Go Bible applications.

Text pre-processing

Other activities

I am an administrator for this wiki. I regularly participate in the sword-devel mailing list (aka SWORD Developers' Collaboration Forum).