Tutorial:Compiling & Installing SWORD on Windows

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For compiling on Linux, see Tutorial:Compiling & Installing SWORD.

Compiling The SWORD Project using MS Visual Studio 2008

  1. Create a build directory, hereafter referred to as $dir$. Much of the Sword build process expects that various downloads be unpacked to the same directory.

Step 1: Compile cURL

  1. Download the latest release of cURL
  2. Extract the ZIP to $dir$
  3. Rename the cURL directory to "curl" (with no version number)
  4. Open $dir$\curl\vc6curl.dsw
  5. Allow Visual Studio to update the project files
  6. In Project Properties change the Configuration Type from DLL to LIB
  7. Build all

Step 2: Compile icu-sword

  1. Download the latest release of icu-sword
  2. Extract the tarball to $dir$
  3. Open $dir$\icu-sword\source\allinone\allinone.sln
  4. Build all

Step 3: Compile libsword

  1. Download the latest release of The SWORD Project
  2. Extract the tarball to $dir$
    If you are building utilities or diatheke, the following steps are not necessary:
  3. Open $dir$\sword-$version$\lib\vcppmake\vc8\libsword.vcproj
  4. In Project Properties add ../../../../curl/lib/DLL-Debug to Additional Library Directories
  5. Build all

Step 4: Compiling utilities

  1. Open $dir$\sword-$version$\utilities\vcppmake\utilities.sln
  2. Build all

This step will not complete linking fails with Errors revolving around: Error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'icuuc.lib' C:\Code\LibSword\sword-1.6.1\lib\vcppmake\vc8\LINK libsword there isn't a file by that name in any of the downloads.

Option 2: Compiling diatheke

  1. Open $dir$\sword-$version$\utilities\diatheke\diatheke.vcproj
  2. Build all