Tutorial:Compiling & Installing SWORD on Windows

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For compiling on Linux, see Tutorial:Compiling & Installing SWORD.

Compiling The SWORD Project using MS Visual Studio 2008

  1. Create a build directory, hereafter referred to as $dir$. Much of the Sword build process expects that various downloads be unpacked to the same directory.

Compiling cURL

  1. Download the latest release of cURL
  2. Extract the ZIP to $dir$
  3. Rename the cURL directory to "curl" (with no version number)
  4. Follow the directions in winbuild/BUILD.WINDOWS.txt

Compiling icu-sword

  1. Download the latest release of icu-sword
  2. Extract the tarball to $dir$
  3. Open $dir$\icu-sword\source\allinone\allinone.sln
  4. Build all (Click Build | Batch Build... | Select All | Build)

Compiling libsword

  1. Download the latest release of The SWORD Project
  2. Extract the tarball to $dir$
    If you are building utilities or diatheke, the following steps are not necessary:
  3. Open $dir$\sword-$version$\lib\vcppmake\vc8\libsword.vcproj
  4. Build all (Click Build | Batch Build... | Select All | Build)

Compiling utilities

  1. Open $dir$\sword-$version$\utilities\vcppmake\utilities.sln
  2. Build all (Click Build | Batch Build... | Select All | Build)

Cross Compiling Sword for MS Windows on Suse Linux with MingW

Suse with MingW

Installation of all necessary dependencies of Sword, but for CLucene - libcurl, ICU, libgnurx etc -

Compilation of Clucene

clucene 0.9.21b source

The scripts for compiling sword and clucene in xiphos/win32/suse are meant to be used from ~/source/ with the clucene and sword directories directly under that. I would suggest reading the scripts. They aren't complicated, and I'm sure that I made assumptions about my environment (which is basically the *sole* reason for the warning that they aren't ready, I never meant they couldn't be used). You can go ahead and try to use them to cross-compile clucene. It will probably fail. If at that point, you send me config.log, that will help me remember what to do to fix it.

edit m4/dps_static_const_type.m4, the last AC_DEFINE line. Change from:

AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot figure out how to write static consts in classes. Check the m4 script or upgrade your compiler])


AC_DEFINE([LUCENE_STATIC_CONSTANT_SYNTAX], 1, [How to define a static const in a class])

eg, the same as the first AC_DEFINE. I have no idea if it's correct, actually, but it seems to work ;)

Next, edit src/Makefile.am, line 6. Add -no-undefined at the end, like so:

libclucene_la_LDFLAGS  = --version-info $(CLLIB_VERSION) --release
$(PACKAGE_VERSION) -no-undefined


At the top of that file, after the #include directives, I just added this:

#define _mkdir mkdir

After changing these, you'll have to run autogen.sh and then re-configure using my script. It *should* build after this, at which point run sudo make install. Check to be sure it created a dll rather than just a static library (which will end in .la). It should be located in /usr/i686-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/bin

After this Clucene compiles without errors and creates a working dll.

Compilation of Sword

Application of 2 patches:

patch1 patch2