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Talk:Alternate Versification/Archive


There is no agreement to put the following versifications into the source. While there is none it should not be in the main text=== 1.8.1 ===

Not yet released.

Liturgical variants[1] based on the Catholic liturgical translations (based itself on the neoVulgate), of which two correspond to existing Catholic versifications:

  • Catholic_lit – like Catholic but with significant differences, Esther with 10 chapters.
  • Catholic2_lit – like Catholic2 but with significant differences, Esther with 16 chapters.
  • Catholic3_lit – corresponding to Catholic, but where Esther's alternate versification is integrated into the current 10 chapters, to allow a better reading. This means that the verses of the chapters numbered with letters are integrated into the current 10 chapters of Esther.


  1. See https://gitlab.com/lafricain79/LinVB/tree/master/v11n