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Bible Vietnam

The UBS Vietnam page has several Vietnamese-language modules, including the UBS version of the Viet module, which incorporates minor corrections to the 1926 text made in 1998 by the UBS along with headings and cross-references.


kristus.sk has the SSV translation available to download as a SWORD module called SvkPS. The published Catholic SSV translation contains deuterocanonical books, but this first module edition does not. One with Alternate Versification is in the pipeline.

The same web-page also has Slovak & Czech Bibles for download in other electronic editions, including Go Bible.

Gilak Media

Windows Software for Gilaki Scripture – this is a Farsi and Gilaki edition of the IBT MK Holy Bible software, with a xulsword module for the Gilaki Scriptures, currently the Gospel of John only, but with full audio. The Farsi Bible module is FarsiOPV version 1.0, adapted to suit xulsword. The Gilaki language is a Caspian language, and a member of the northwestern Iranian language branch, spoken in Iran's Gīlān Province.

Paite e-Holy Bible

Paite is spoken in parts of North East India, Burma & Bangladesh. The complete Paite e-Holy Bible version 3 (2009-10-15) is available from Paite E-Holy Bible. It is possible to display the Paite module in other SWORD front-end applications for Windows by copying the installed files to the SWORD path.[1][2][3]

News update: 2014-01-19 – Yesterday I had a message from Hlunboi Guite asking if & how CrossWire might distribute the Paite Bible module. David Haslam 03:28, 19 January 2014 (MST)


  1. Alternatively, without actually running the install setup, the EXE file may opened as an archive using (e.g.) 7-Zip, and the PEH module may be extracted along with the file peh.conf.
  2. Take care, as the setup file also included a copy of our KJV module (Version=2.3).
  3. In Xiphos, the localized language name is displayed as Paite Chin.

Tedim e-Holy Bible

There is a similar Bible application for the Tedim Lai Siangtho dialect, available from Tedim e-Holy Bible. The same observations apply.



Volxbibel – A new German Bible translation in the language of the young generation. The translation is under the Creative Commons license, so non-commercial use and distribution is allowed. A SWORD module called VLX3 has been created by Jan Krohn, who has also built Go Bible applications for Java mobile phones. Contact Jan Krohn for further details.

Offene Bibel

Offene Bibel is an independent new ecumenical CC German translation in two parts: a philological "study version" and a dynamic-equivalence "reading version" (see the English About). The translation is far from finished, but test SWORD modules with sample chapters have been created for both versions. They can be downloaded here. The creators will be happy to receive your feedback. Official modules are planned.

Word Of God team (India)

The following modules are being made available by the Word of God team in India, under the leadership of Yesudas Solomon.

  • Hindi Bible
  • Hmar Bible
  • Kannada (KJV) Bible
  • Kannada (BSI) NT
  • Koya NT
  • Malayalam Bible
  • Tamil (Common) Bible
  • Tamil (OV) Bible
  • Telugu Bible

Registration and login is required to download these modules. Some of those listed here are still underway. Other languages expected to follow.

Currently there are "easy to install" downloads for these Windows front-ends:

The latter also has the raw module format downloads.

There are also Go Bible (mobile phone) versions, and modules for some non-CrossWire free Bible study applications.

Nepal Bible Society

NBS has made both its translations available for use with a Nepali interfaced edition of BPBible.

  • Nepali New Revised Version
  • Simple Nepali Holy Bible

Their e-Bible modules are serial numbered and licensed for individual use. Request by email on this page.

Both versions are also available as free Go Bible applications, with either English or Nepali UI.

Thailand Bible Society

The Thailand Bible Society has ported The SWORD Project for Windows to make a localized Thai edition complete with several Thai Bible modules.

Visit http://www.thaibible.or.th/crosswire/ (largely in Thai) for more information.

It seems that you may have had to register and be signed in to download their software, but there is a module update in the form of a self-extracting EXE file, which contains some module files suitable for improved searching. There is an illustrated manual available in PDF format (also in Thai). A friend of a friend wrote, "Now I can't actually find the Thai version of The SWORD Project for Windows ANYWHERE. I've seen people using it (several years ago now)."

Latest news (2012-02-09): It would appear that Thailand Bible Society had ceased distributing their localized version of The SWORD Project for Windows, and have switched to promoting The Word instead. See [1]. They have other Bible software available too.

An Bíobla Naofa

ABN module. The Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic) translation (1981) by Monsignor Pádraig Ó Fiannachta. Requires front-end support for Alternate Versification to display the Deuterocanonical books. This electronic version of the ABN has been adapted to follow the KJVA versification scheme, yet also displays the alternate ABN verse numbers in {braces}.

Terjemahan Sederhana Indonesia

As described in Yayasan Alkitab BahasaKita the TSI Sword module (Terjemahan Sederhana Indonesia) can be downloaded as a compressed zip file from TSI Sword module. This Plain Indonesian New Testament translation project was pioneered by Phil Fields. tsi.conf currently has Lang=UNKNOWN.

Portuguese Almeida Corrigida Fiel 2007

Sociedade Bíblica Trinitariana do Brasil (SBTB) – Esta obra é distribuída gratuitamente através do blog

The ACF2007 module is available on https://app.box.com/v/siriarah as biblias/ACF2007/ACF2007-sword.zip