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In SWORD a commentary is structured just like a Bible. The difference is that instead of verse text the commentary has discussion about verse text.


An OSIS Commentary differs from an OSIS Bible in that an OSIS Bibles use:

<verse osisID="Gen.1.1"><p>Blah blah...</p></div>

But the fundamental mechanism of markup for an OSIS commentary replaces that with:

<div type="section" annotateType="commentary" annotateRef="Gen.1.1"><p>Blah blah...</p></div>

A couple of things to note:

This attribute can have any valid value or even be absent. osis2mod will not use this value.

This attribute must have the value commentary and will be used to know that we are processing an entry for a commentary.

This attribute can contain any valid osisRef, but the references must not have a work prefix, such as 'Bible:'. The default for all references and the only ones that SWORD supports at this time are Bible references. We'll tackle work prefixes at a later date.

A single reference uses single "osisID":


A range will be of the form, "osisID-osisID":


where the first and the second reference are complete osisIDs and they are separated by a - (and no spaces). And the first reference must precede the second.

Discontinuous references are to be separated by whitespace, "osisRef osisRef". For example:

annotateRef="Gen.1.1 Gen1.5"


osis2mod (>= 1.5.11) is used for both Bibles and Commentaries. See osis2mod for details.