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What follows is a list of abbreviations for books of the Bible, for use with OSIS as standard book IDs. The basis for most of these works is the SBL Handbook of Style[1]. The intent of this list is to provide abbreviations for all texts considered by any extant Jewish or Christian sect to be a part of the Bible and for all texts included within significant historical works considered Bibles. Texts that are essentially sectarian in nature are not be included in this list, though a work with recognized antiquity separate from the community that currently uses it may be included in this list even if only one sect currently recognizes it as biblical. For the purposes of this list, historical works considered Bibles includes works of which there are numerous copies, such as the Vulgate or LXX, as well as important manuscripts, such as Codex Sinaiticus. While the SBL Handbook of Style provides most of the data included here, there are some ambiguities and omissions in its presentation. Ambiguities are clarified here primarily on the assumption that first mention is primary and preferrential. Omissions are filled in by following practices illustrated in abbreviation of other books included by the SBL Handbook of Style and by reference to abbreviations in use by other parties. The decisions about what books should be considered canonical were made largely on the basis of Hans Peter Rüger's "The Extent of the Old Testament Canon"[2].

The sections marked with a *, consisting of the Old & New Testaments, Apocrypha, and additional texts found in Rahlfs' LXX and the Vulgate, are the most common texts and those most likely to be encountered in documents, especially documents produced within Western church traditions. Books marked with a † are absent from the SBL Handbook of Style, so their abbreviations are synthesized.

Exhaustive though this document attempts to be, there are inevitably omissions which may be addressed in future versions. Lists of IDs for other, extra-biblical, books (pseudepigrapha, NT apocrypha, Apostolic Fathers, etc.) may be found elsewhere and may serve as an additional resource for Bibles with books not included here.


osisID Book Name Alternate Names
Old Testament* (39)
Gen Genesis
Exod Exodus
Lev Leviticus
Num Numbers
Deut Deuteronomy
Josh Joshua
Judg Judges
Ruth Ruth
1Sam 1 Samuel
2Sam 2 Samuel
1Kgs 1 Kings
2Kgs 2 Kings
1Chr 1 Chronicles
2Chr 2 Chronicles
Ezra Ezra
Neh Nehemiah
Esth Esther[3]
Job Job
Ps Psalms
Prov Proverbs
Eccl Ecclesiastes Qohelet
Song Song of Solomon Canticle of Canticles
Isa Isaiah
Jer Jeremiah
Lam Lamentations
Ezek Ezekiel
Dan Daniel
Hos Hosea
Joel Joel
Amos Amos
Obad Obadiah
Jonah Jonah
Mic Micah
Nah Nahum
Hab Habakkuk
Zeph Zephaniah
Hag Haggai
Zech Zechariah
Mal Malachi
New Testament* (27)
Matt Matthew
Mark Mark
Luke Luke
John John
Acts Acts
Rom Romans
1Cor 1 Corinthians
2Cor 2 Corinthians
Gal Galatians
Eph Ephesians
Phil Philippians
Col Colossians
1Thess 1 Thessalonians
2Thess 2 Thessalonians
1Tim 1 Timothy
2Tim 2 Timothy
Titus Titus
Phlm Philemon
Heb Hebrews
Jas James
1Pet 1 Peter
2Pet 2 Peter
1John 1 John
2John 2 John
3John 3 John
Jude Jude
Rev Revelation
Apocrypha* (18)
Tob Tobit
Jdt Judith
AddEsth Additions to Esther
Wis Wisdom Wisdom of Solomon
Sir Sirach Ecclesiasticus
Bar Baruch
EpJer Letter of Jeremiah (= Bar.6)
PrAzar Prayer of Azariah Song of the Three Children
Sus Susanna
Bel Bel and the Dragon
1Macc 1 Maccabees
2Macc 2 Maccabees
3Macc 3 Maccabees
4Macc 4 Maccabees
PrMan Prayer of Manasseh (= Odes.14)
1Esd 1 Esdras[4]
2Esd 2 Esdras[4] 5 Ezra (= Bible.NRSVA:2Esd.1-2Esd.2)
Ps151 Psalm 151
Rahlfs' LXX* (2)
Odes Odes †
PssSol Psalms of Solomon
Vulgate & other later Latin mss* (4)
EpLao Epistle to the Laodiceans
3Esd 3 Esdras[4]
4Esd 4 Esdras[4] 4 Ezra (= Bible.NRSVA:2Esd.3-2Esd.14)
5Esd 5 Esdras[4] 6 Ezra (= Bible.NRSVA:2Esd.15-2Esd.16)
Ethiopian Orthodox Canon/Ge'ez Translation Additions[5] (6)
1En 1 Enoch Ethiopic (Apocalypse of) Enoch
Jub Jubilees
4Bar 4 Baruch Paraleipomena Jeremiou
AscenIsa Ascension of Isaiah (= MartAscenIsa.6-MartAscenIsa.11) Vision of Isaiah
PsJos Pseudo-Josephus † Jossipon; Josephu ben Gorion Medieval History of the Jews
Coptic Orthodox Canon Additions (3)
AposCon Apostolic Constitutions and Canons
1Clem 1 Clement
2Clem 2 Clement
Armenian Orthodox Canon Additions (4/16)
3Cor 3 Corinthians
EpCorPaul Epistle of the Corinthians to Paul and His Response †
JosAsen Joseph and Asenath
T12Patr Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs (composed of:)
T12Patr.TAsh Testaments of Asher
T12Patr.TBenj Testaments of Benjamin
T12Patr.TDan Testaments of Dan
T12Patr.TGad Testaments of Gad
T12Patr.TIss Testaments of Issachar
T12Patr.TJos Testaments of Joseph
T12Patr.TJud Testaments of Judah
T12Patr.TLevi Testaments of Levi
T12Patr.TNaph Testaments of Naphtali
T12Patr.TReu Testaments of Reuben
T12Patr.TSim Testaments of Simeon
T12Patr.TZeb Testaments of Zebulun
Peshitta (2)
2Bar 2 Baruch (Syriac) Apocalypse of Baruch
EpBar Letter of Baruch (= 2Bar.78-2Bar.86) †
Codex Sinaiticus (2/5)
Barn Barnabas
Herm Shepherd of Hermas (comprised of:)
Herm.Mand Shepherd of Hermas, Mandates
Herm.Sim Shepherd of Hermas, Similitudes
Herm.Vis Shepherd of Hermas, Visions


  1. Alexander, Patrick H. et al., eds., The SBL Handbook of Style: for Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and early Christian studies, (Peabody: Hendrickson, 1999), 74-84.
  2. Rüger, Hans Peter. "The Extent of the Old Testament Canon," in The Apocrypha in Ecumenical Perspective (ed. Siegfired Meurer; Reading: United Bible Societies, 1991), 151-60.
  3. In the case of the book of Esther, the same abbreviation, "Esth", should be used for both versions from the Hebrew tradition and from the longer Greek text.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 The traditions and schemes of naming the books of Ezra/Esdras/Nehemiah are complicated and will not be disambiguated here. Books should be identified according to their own naming schemes. Thus Bible.LXX:2Esd = Bible.Vulg:1Esd + Bible.Vulg:2Esd = Bible.NRSVA:Ezra + Bible.NRSVA:Neh. Modern book names 4-6 Ezra do not refer to these works as biblical books, but as pseudepigrapha, hence the equivalent names 2, 4, & 5 Esdras are given priority as they refer to biblical books within certain Latin ms traditions.
  5. These additions focus on the Narrower Canon of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church; its Wider Canon adds, besides the books listed here, 8 books to its New Testament only for the purpose of having an 81-book canon and are not included in any actual printed "Bibles". This list is based largely on: Mikre-Sellassie, G. A. 1993. "The Bible and Its Canon in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church." TBT 44/1:111-123. [1]