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The CrossWire Bible Society's purpose is to develop Bible software. Part of what makes great software is the availability of great content: Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, atlases, and other books. CrossWire depends on the availability of great content produced by others--we generally do not produce our own original content.

Other projects around the Web have been started to produce electronic editions of texts that we would love to see incorporated into Sword. The following are a list of links to such projects. Involvement in these projects does not usually require a great deal of technical expertise, so we strongly encourage people who want to help Sword improve but who don't feel prepared to contribute by writing code to contribute their time and work to these projects.

Some of these projects have a limited scope (perhaps just one book) while others serve as repositories for massive collections of texts. All links are just suggestions. If you find additional projects or particular works being produced by those projects, please add them to the list.

Individual Works


  • Nordic (Scandinavian) literature (including some Bibles, etc)