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Here is a place to request modules you would like to be made. If the copyright holder has been contacted, the permissions granted or not can be put here.

New modules are made largely on the basis of content availability and distributability. If you have a link to new material in the public domain, adding it here is a good way of notifying us of its availability. However there is no guarantee that anyone will be interested in creating a module from that material. If you want to see a new module, your quickest results will come from encoding it in OSIS yourself and submitting that to us.

If you would like to see the addition of text currently under copyright and have not made any attempt to get permission for distribution, there is no point to adding it here and the addition will likely be removed. If you only have a link to non-text material (images, PDFs, etc.), there is no point to adding it here and it will likely be removed.

Bible Versions

English Bibles
  • Complete Tyndale Bible, Not even the whole NT is available with SWORD, and also he translated the Pentateuch, and Jonah, and other books later published in Matthew's Bible.
Jonah (1531)
Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders is digitizing the Pentateuch (1530)
  • Laurence Thomson (1587) Geneva Bible 1587 Revision. Check Slavic Bible version for (significant?) differences from 1599 Geneva.
  • KJV (original 1611 version/orthography). There exist some reprints in paper - has anyone scanned it? Also a few electronic editions exist--check into adapting one for SWORD.
  • Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1845) Brenton's English Septaguint
  • NASB Currently being prepared. This will be sold. See FAQ.
  • NKJV, Thomas Nelson Inc. Contact attempted by Karl to and, December 2007; no response.
  • NIV, the perennial request. Contact attempted via feedback web page at, November 2006 and March 2007; no response. Dead-tree letter sent to IBS licensing directory, February 2008; no response.
  • Contemporary English Version, contact attempted to, November 2007, no response.
  • Third Millennium Bible, contact attempted at, November 2007, no response.
  • Gary Gallant (2007) Grammar Uses Version. (Available in its native OLB format at Gary's site.)
Original languages
  • WLC with Westminster Morphology
Other languages
  • Cherokee New Testament [1] Public Domaincheck back occasionally to see whether the text version is completed
  • Hausa Bible (Nigeria) [2]
  • Zarma Bible (Niger) [3]
  • Fulfuldé Adamawa Bible (Cameroun) [4]
  • Moore New Testament (Burkina Faso) [5]
  • Kisongye New Testament (Congo) (1925) [6]





  • Unabridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon -- worth researching; The text exists in electronic format, at least licensed. It's important that this not be the "Abridged BDBG" which is Larry Pierce's altered module.
  • What Does the Bible Say About and Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary, lightweight but potentially interesting and useful resources and (based on testing from text portions obtained from easy to convert to SWORD format. Contact attempted, see NKJV above. There are other resources possible here as well, on a more restricted basis at, in the "New Illustrated" series (commentary, "topics"), any of which should be convertible.