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(Much of this content is from


  • 28 July 2010
    The domain has been transferred from David Trotz to Greg Hellings. [1]
  • 04 January 2009
    The SwordReader site is up and running with updated content reflecting the new beta release.
  • 06 July 2008
    SWORDReader has undergone a complete restructuring to allow for further development and expansion. Stay tuned for beta releases for both the PocketPC and the Smartphone coming sometime in August 2008.
  • 10 December 2007
    After a long delay, work has resumed on SWORDReader. Pre-release version 1.0.0 has been updated and is available in an easy install Windows Executable Starter Pack which includes the kjv module. See the new screenshots. See below to download. Note that this is not yet offered as a 'stable' version.
  • 24 July 2004
    There is a new version available, version 0.9. This version includes all of the basic 'reading' features. It can also do searches (screenshots). It is no longer available for download.
  • 06 February 2004
    Some nice screenshots are available now.
  • 03 February 2004
    Early testing access to an initial release of The SWORDReader for the PocketPC has been made available.
  1. Greg wrote, "I am not taking over development of the project, as I know nothing about programming for Windows Mobile and do not have a device I could run the application on. If anyone feels that desire, please feel free to take over the development. However, I have the site hosted on my system and will continue to host it there so long as the application remains viable. If someone wants to take over development, I'll be happy to provide you with the website also."

Download and Installation Instructions

To install the 'SWORDReader' program on your mobile device, do the following:

Download the SWORDReader 1.0.0 starter pack and open the file. It will self-install SWORDReader to your Pocket PC using ActiveSync.

You may then unzip Raw Zip packages of SWORD modules to \Program Files\sword\ or to \Storage Card\Program Files\Sword\ if your installed to the card.

If you'd like to change this configuration information, this is possible using sword.conf


Here are some screenshots.


What is the current functionality of the SWORDReader?

The SWORD reader enables you to read the Bible on a Pocket PC platform (2002 and newer). This operating system is used on the HP IPAQ for example. You can also use it to search for text in the Bible.

Support Platforms

What platforms does PocketPC (2002+) include?

Fill in your current supported hardware.

Desired Platforms

What platforms would you like to see supported?

I have two platforms which I would like to see these available:
HP Jornada 548 (PocketPC - Windows CE 3.0, SH-3 proc); and
HP Jornada 720 (Handheld PC - MS Windows for Handheld PC 2000:Build 9546-126, StrongARM SA1110)

-- zorkermobile (20080708)