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PocketSword is a SWORD-based front-end application for iOS. It can be installed for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iOS Fonts

  • iOS Fonts has a list of available fonts that come pre-installed in the latest version of iOS. Any additional fonts may be installed on a per-application basis and currently PocketSword includes code2000 to greatly increase the character set that we can display Bibles with.

iOS Localization

Apple provides information for localization. The list of languages is near the bottom of

That list is valid for the current latest release of iOS. Many other languages display properly in PocketSword, but they're the only ones for which we can provide a 'l10n' of the PocketSword UI.

PocketSword Localization

If PocketSword doesn't currently display in your language, contact the developer if you can provide a translation of the PocketSword UI strings in your language. Note that this will only work for languages listed at

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