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This is the collaboration/planning area for the Windows frontend of Sword.

For now, the content consists of stuff from an old wiki with broken formatting. Could someone sort it through and repair the formatting?

Getting Started

Borland has been in the habit of releasing different levels of their tools at different price tiers, and sometimes they have an 'Open' edition which is free for personal use or opensource development. Now, I'd personally recommend buying their tools. I use them for all of my commercial development and they are second to none-- truly built with the developer in mind.

Here are the steps to freely compile the free software freely :)

Download and install Borland's compiler at:,6566,034-49,00.html
(You'll have to get a Nokia developer username/password for this first step ... not onerous.)

Download and Install Tortoise SVN:

Follow the WinCVS instructions to checkout the source code:

For Windows development, you will need to checkout 3 SVN modules: 'sword', 'biblecs',