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These are some suggested fonts for use with Sword tools. Any of these work with either Linux or Windows tools, and probably Macs as well. They're TrueType fonts, which means that usually just copying *.ttf to the right place makes them available, and that's necessary only if you don't have some sort of package manager or font installer to do it for you.

"Linux Libertine" is a very pretty font which provides quality character sets for all of Latin, Hebrew, and Greek, which makes it especially useful for commentaries which use all 3 at once. It can be found in e.g. Fedora repositories as linux-libertine-fonts-2.4.9-1.fc7.noarch.rpm, or you can get it directly from SourceForge: [1]

"Gentium" is a good font for Greek. Look in repositories for gentium-fonts-1.02-5.fc7.noarch.rpm or go instead to [2] to get the *.zip.

"Ezra" is SIL's best font for Hebrew, also available from

There is quite a selection of other fonts available from SIL. See [3] and look around.