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ThML is another XML dialect which can be used to create modules for CrossWire software.

Please note that ThML support is no longer actively pursued by the developers. New content should be encoded using OSIS.

In SWORD, for modules encoded with ThML and OSIS, each verse, dictionary entry, and book division needs to be well-formed XML or it will result in display problems in some frontends. SWORD only handles the subset of the ThML tags that we have found necessary, but we are willing to supporting additional tags, as the need arises.

Supported ThML tags include: <sync> (with type parameters of Strongs, morph, & lemma), <scripRef>, and <note> (plus closing tags where appropriate). HTML tags that ThML inherits, which may be used in SWORD modules include <div> (with types of sechead for section headings and title for titles, <i>, <br>, and <b>. Additional HTML tags may be interpreted by those SWORD frontends that render HTML, but will not be translated to RTF for the Win32 frontend.

The ThML tags that JSword handles are:

  • a
  • big
  • blockquote
  • br
  • b
  • center
  • citation
  • col
  • dd
  • dir
  • div
  • dl
  • dt
  • em
  • font
  • foreign
  • hr
  • h1..h6
  • img
  • i
  • li
  • name
  • note
  • ol
  • pb
  • p
  • pre
  • row
  • scripref
  • scripture
  • small
  • span
  • strong
  • sub
  • sup
  • sync
  • table
  • td
  • term
  • th
  • tr
  • ul
  • u