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Use this page to provide information about current projects and proposals for new software applications.

New front-end applications

Use this section to announce work begun for developing new SWORD or JSword based front-ends. They should be mentioned here even if they are only at the proof of concept stage, so that may prevent duplication of effort.

Tyndale STEP

Android platform

  • Troy has begun work on developing an Android front-end called Bishop. A preliminary APK file is now available for early testing. Visit the CrossWire mobile-devel mailing list if you would like to help.

Qt Framework

  • BibleTime Mini project based on BibleTime source code and optimized for use on mobile devices. It runs now on Windows and Windows Mobile platforms, but it is easy to port it on other mobile platforms supported by Qt (Symbian, MeeGo, Maemo, Android).

HP/Palm webOS

  • BibleZ HD is a SWORD based bible reader app for the HP TouchPad and the HP Pre3.

Ideas for new projects

Developer To Do List

Other Related Projects