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|-valign="top" <!-- App | Devel | OS | Layout | Search | Dictionary | Lists | Localization |RtoL |Special -->
|-valign="top" <!-- App | Devel | OS | Layout | Search | Dictionary | Lists | Localization |RtoL |Special -->
|[[Frontends:Xiphos|Xiphos (GNOME)]] (formerly [[Frontends:GnomeSword|GnomeSword]])
|[[Frontends:Xiphos|Xiphos (GNOME)]] (formerly [[Frontends:GnomeSword|GnomeSword]])

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This page is under development. As such it may not be helpful until it is near completion. For that reason, please don't link it on another page until then. To become complete it needs fair and balanced™ coverage of the SWORD programs.

Do feel free to edit this page to make it more complete and better organized.

The purpose of this page is to help an end user decide which SWORD program is the best for them. The first consideration is which programs are available for the user. This can be found at CrossWire's home page. Once the user has narrowed down which programs are available, the following can be used to focus on the best program.

It is recommended that each user try all the available programs. It is likely that one will resonate with the user and work best for that user.

Features Common to All SWORD Applications

For the most part all the SWORD programs have the same features.

  • Can read modules in the SWORD Library
  • Use Unicode
  • Released under an open source license

Side-by-Side Comparison of Leading SWORD Applications

Application Ongoing Development Operating Systems Window Layout Search Features Dictionary Look-up Verse Lists Localization Support RtoL Language Support Special Features
Alkitab Bible Study Yes Any system with Java (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) Two-pane with tabs and library navigation on right Yes Yes
BibleDesktop (JSword) Yes Any system with Java (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) Two-pane with tabs and library navigation on right Bible search with wildcards Manual look-up Lists in left-hand pane Yes Yes Portable version; parallel display of up to five Bible versions or commentaries; word-by-word comparison of Bible versions
BibleTime (see also Kio-Sword) Yes Linux Multiple windows with flexible arrangement and library navigation on left Search in open modules; Strong's number or lemma search Automatic look-up of Strong's numbers and parsing information in mag window Yes Yes
BPBible (wxPython) Yes Windows, Linux Library, Bible, Commentary, Genbook, Dictionary, History, Compare verses/parallel panes. Flexible layout allowing repositioning/hiding of panes. Cross-verse word proximity based search, allowing stemming, regular expressions, wild cards, phrases, Strong's numbers, parsing information and Bible references search. Look up of strong's numbers and parsing information in tooltip; full list of topics with topic entry box Verse lists and verse tagging Yes No PortableApps.com edition; gospel harmonies; Guess the Verse game; display Strong's headwords; poetry layout
FireBible (JSword/FireFox) Yes Firefox web browser in Windows, Mac, Linux
MacSword Yes Mac
The SWORD Project for Windows Yes Windows Three-pane with tabbed library navigation Yes Yes Portable
Xiphos (GNOME) (formerly GnomeSword) Yes Windows, Linux Four-pane with library navigation, verse lists, etc. on left Yes Yes