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Create wiki pages for those Frontends that currently do not have one

Some of the SWORD Frontends listed in the Main Page are external links only. To make this category complete, it would be sensible to create a wiki page for each of these and categorize it accordingly. After adding the external links section to the new page, the Main Page could then be updated to link to the wiki page. David Haslam 16:03, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Perhaps. But they are not useful unless they have meaningful content and are actively maintained. At one point we had empty pages for a bunch of stuff and after a long while they were still empty. I think what is important is that the following is true of a SWORD frontend:

  • Maintained web presence.
  • Clear support options (email, forums, mailing lists, etc.)
  • Current documentation.
  • Active development
  • Frequent releases

To me the wiki is just one form of a web presense. And it is something else to maintain. For JSword, we have all of our web defined in SVN. Anyone can submit a patch to change it.

Also, we have not come to agreement as to what the Frontend wiki page should contain. For BibleDesktop and JSword, we merely give a little promotional info and then direct them out of the wiki. I think they should be geared to end users. Others feel that they should be for developers. --Dmsmith 20:14, 8 March 2009 (UTC)