Alternate Versification

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Until Alternate Versification is implemented this page will serve as a planning page. Once it is done, it will probably be reworked to be a how to create an OSIS Bible with Alternate Versification.


Initially, a Bible with alternate versification will be a RawGenBook. The goal of changes to the SWORD engine is to make the handling of such Bibles transparent to the various front-ends as much as possible.

The conf of Bible with an alternate versification will have the following entries:

  •  ??
  •  ??


  • Create a ZGenBook driver and the ability to compress a RawGenBook.
  • Allow a front-end to obtain an ordered list of Bible book names and the number of chapters in each book.
  • Support parallel view of Bibles with different versifications. This requires the ability to map from one scheme to another.


Harry Plantinga's Mapping of Alternate Versifications