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Greg is new to SWORD. A few programming technologies were learned from internet tutorials on 1 / 3 devices - Acer laptop with Ubuntu server 20.04, Android Samsung tablet (Tab A) and Android Galaxy S9 cell phone. Simple learning included 1. Basic HTML, CSS, and Java-script. 2. Programming languages: recently shell and C++. In the past, python and some hello world programs for swift, java, etc.

Three web sites had been done. The first one attempted now just reports a deactivated message. It is at It is a Google apps script which is capable of reading and writing from / to Google Drive. The second one was a Google App Engine in python. That app engine is not currently running due to a new billing error / warning from the gcloud command line interface. The 3rd web-page needs some work to be restored. It is a server that ran on the Acer laptop.

A simple bible program had been made in C++ to run in the terminal. Instead of continuing with that, the SWORD project is being learned. That simple program was not deployed anywhere, but read KJV text from a Gutenberg file that was divided and reformatted for easier machine reading.