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Current Projects

Westminster Hebrew Morphology Module

This module is currently in a testing phase, but there are several features of the module that will need to be supported by the engine and front-ends for the module's full potential to be realized for end-users. Each word has at least one lemma attribute (currently tagged as @lemma with "whmlemma:" before the lemma) and at least one morphology attribute (@morph). I will list the potential uses of these features and suggest areas for further development.

  1. View morphology entry: Currently works very well in BibleTime when coupled with the whmmorph module. Full parsing displays in mag window. In Xiphos morph codes display but do not look up properly in whmmorph. In BibleDesktop morph codes do not display. SWORDweb displays the morph codes.
  2. View dictionary entry: Lookup of unicode lemma is not supported in any front-ends.
  3. Search for lemma: Not supported in BibleTime or BibleDesktop. In Xiphos the attribute search for @דֶּשֶׁא yielded two verses (Gen 1:11; Joel 2:22), but many more should have appeared, so the results were not accurate. SWORDweb has a helpful link to search by lemma works when the clucene index is generated.
  4. Search for morphology: In BibleTime a free syntax search for morph:"@vqw3ms" works. However, you cannot yet search morph attributes using wildcards. So if I wanted to search for all Hebrew Qal verbs, @vq* would not yield any results. In Xiphos an attribute search yields results, but the results are not user-friendly (i.e., not just the text of that module but rather xml) and the relevant word is not highlighted. Wildcards also do not seem to work. Search in BibleDesktop does not appear to work for morphology codes. SWORDweb's power search does not yield any results for morphology.

Front-ends Tested:

  • Bibletime 2.8/2.9 beta 1
  • Xiphos 3.1.4
  • BibleDesktop 1.6
  • SWORDweb aka The Bible Tool (version current on September 24, 2011)