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User:Chris Burrell

Chris is active in the development of Tyndale STEP (Scripture Tools for Every Pastor) which aims to be a portable user interface available to PCs, Macs, mobiles, etc.

Collaboration with Tyndale House and CrossWire

Chris was approached by Tyndale House, Cambridge to develop the Tyndale STEP project. Together with other volunteers, he contributed to the initial architectural choices and designs, and made a proof of concept. With the help of CrossWire contributors, he was able to get an initial feature set started.

In early 2010, CrossWire and Tyndale House started talks about the best way to carry this project forward. As a result, Tyndale decide to make the software open source and open up development of the datasets and the software to CrossWire developers. This is an exciting step forward for CrossWire and Tyndale house, since we hope that collaborative effort will produce extra data sets as well as a more functionally complete, usable and exciting web interface to the JSword Engine.

Source code

The source code for the Tyndale STEP project is located at

Current development

The code base is being actively developed and is always looking for more developers. If you wish to volunteer to work on programming for the Tyndale STEP project, please email Troy to obtain a username and password.

Much help is needed across a number of different areas. User interfaces, timelines, Google maps, enhancements to JSword, etc.

A list of tasks and issues will be found under CrossWire's JIRA