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The SWORD Project's aim is to reach the entire world with it's Bible software, however this goal is hard to reach without the help of translators. There are many areas of The SWORD Project that are in need of translators, the following are just a few of those areas: here is what you will need to do.

Software Translation

All the content such as menus and help files, in our programs such as The SWORD Project for Windows, need to be translated to make that software useful for people in other countries to use. This process is also called Localization.

Website Translation

Some of the content on The SWORD Project's main website would be useful to people that do not speak English.

Correspondence Translation

We sometimes are in need of translators to help us correspond to people that are interested in The SWORD Project but don't speak English very well. In addition we may need translators to help us when we get into contact with publishers in our efforts to resolve copyright issues.


If you are interested in helping in any of the areas listed above, please first read the Volunteer Quick Start page. You will then need to subscribe to the sword-devel mailing list. To do this send an e-mail to explaining which mailing list you would like to join. Once you are subscribed to the mailing list simply post a message on the mailing list ( letting us know what area you would like to help out in, i.e. general translation, etc. Someone will contact you letting you know where we could use you.