Testing of new modules

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This is a new page. We should have some common criteria which we put down to testing a module.

All modules

Conf file should be encoded correctly with the same encoding as the module. "About" section should not have formatting or tags which are not mentioned in the .conf wiki section.

All features should be listed in the conf file of the module. If not, all frontends can't use the features. (TODO: how to know what the features should be?)

Try to find a piece of text for each feature. Does it work with all frontends which support that feature?


Open the first and the last verse of each book. (TODO: list of books and their last chapter:verse?) Compare them to a module you know is correct to see if they have the correct text (if you know or at least can guess the words of the language).

Select some random verses from each book and see if they are correct.


Try to navigate in the tree structure. Try to find a more "original" source text or some other source from which you can see what the book should contain. Comparing several frontends is helpful. For example there have been problems with certain modules when some frontends try to get the key list in certain way. Some frontends may fail there while others succeed.


Try to access the first and the last entry. If a frontend offers more than one way to move between the entries try all of them. Broken modules may have for example infinite loops.