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  • Lexicon modules in effect have a single key. That means the Bible module, for example, must be marked up in exactly the same way as the lexicon module for the two to work well. Even with Strongs this creates problems. G0001 and 00001 should lead to the same place, but they do not. Strong's texts are marked up as 00001, but the Strong's TEI file is G0001.
This is not true. Entries do have a single real key, but an unlimited number of link entries can point to them, meaning that an entry can have an unlimited number of effective keys.
A single key cannot point to multiple entries, however, so a Strong's module with entries G0001 and H0001 cannot also have an entry 0001 that unambiguously indicates a single entry.

xulsword dictionaries

It makes sense to discuss this topic with the xulsword developer. He now makes dictionary modules using OSIS rather than TEI. He has also developed tools to make a good linkage between Bible modules and dictionary/glossary modules. David Haslam 01:33, 23 April 2012 (MDT)