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Discussion about FAQ

FAQ is for those end user questions which have been asked frequently in sword-support list or some other support forum. It is not for asking random questions. This discussion page is for meta-discussion about the FAQ, not for asking random questions.

Edit the FAQ only if you know what you are doing. Most of those questions which deserve to be there are there already. Give new proposals for the FAQ here (in this discussion page) first. Small factual or orthographical corrections are welcome without discussion.

Questions should be as general as possible. Names of programs, modules etc. should be given only as examples (preferably in the answer) unless the question/answer is strictly about a specific named subject and cannot be generalized.

Module-specific questions

It might be good to have a question "How do I report a problem with a module". I think the right answer it to point them to Jira and file a bug under Modules. But that requires membership. Chris, if you don't mind, I'll leave this up to you, since you are the Module "Pumpkin Holder".

As to the naming of specific modules, I agree that the questions should be more general. It might be reasonable to list specific ones in the answer if they are a frequent subject of the question.

-- DM

Accented texts

I'm working on a couple of good texts (MorphGNT & Tisch from which I hope to post tonight. I know accented LXXes exist, but I don't know their quality or look forward to merging with our existing database. I also don't know of accented copies of most of our other Greek texts, so we'd still be stuck telling people that what they see is all we have. -- Osk

I think this renders the question/answer unnecessary. Let's see if people ask about the nonexisting accents when those modules have been public for some time. --Eelik 08:00, 10 October 2007 (MDT)

Can I publish a text in Sword format?

Every now and then someone asks if it's possible to publish a work in our format. It has been asked at least about translations and commentaries. We could give a short positive answer in FAQ and give some links to helpful pages. It is so-and-so if this an end user or developer question but mostly the people who ask this seem not to be developers. --Eelik 08:00, 10 October 2007 (MDT)

iPhone Bibles?

Unfortunately we do not. The current iPhone SDK license does not allow us to create GPL licensed software for it. Your option sare as follows:

  1. You can join the crowd asking for making GPL development on iphones possible
  2. you can - if you have internet access - use [ BibleTool] across the ether
  3. There are, we are told, several commercial applications available. We can not endorse any of these. Our preference would be availability of an open source application.