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Front-end support for av11n ?

I have removed this content, I thgink it is now truly irrelevant as all frontends we have listed as active support av11n. In fact, I would propose delisting any frontend which does not.... refdoc:talk 07:41, 8 January 2018 (MST)

In theory, there are several aspects to consider when looking at front-end application support for alternate versification:

  1. Can the module be installed at all, without causing the application to crash?
  2. Can an installed module with av11n be properly displayed with all of its content? Or with only some of its content?
  3. Can the application readily navigate to books and chapters that are outside the default v11n?
  4. For av11ns with a different book order, can the module be scrolled in the defined av11n book order?
  5. Can the application display two or more modules with different versifications in parallel mode (or as an interlinear view) with proper alignment of the text content?

Front-end support for av11n is at various stages of development. The av11n support status of some of the more popular front-ends is tabled here.


There is no agreement to put the following versifications into the source. While there is none it should not be in the main text

Not yet released.

Liturgical variants[1] based on the Catholic liturgical translations (based itself on the neoVulgate), of which two correspond to existing Catholic versifications:

  • Catholic_lit – like Catholic but with significant differences, Esther with 10 chapters.
  • Catholic2_lit – like Catholic2 but with significant differences, Esther with 16 chapters.
  • Catholic3_lit – corresponding to Catholic, but where Esther's alternate versification is integrated into the current 10 chapters, to allow a better reading. This means that the verses of the chapters numbered with letters are integrated into the current 10 chapters of Esther.
  • See