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English Bibles

After 1923

  • The Williams New Testament by Charles Bray Williams (1869–1952) – First published in 1937 by Bruce Humphries, Inc. New York. The links are to the modern reprint known as the Montreat Edition. The translator was the father of Charlotte Williams Sprawls. For contact information for Perry & Charlotte Sprawls, see [1].
  • NASB – Currently being prepared. This will be sold. See FAQ.
  • Amplified Bible – Jointly produced by the Lockman Foundation and Zondervan. Zondervan Publishing House is contracted with the Lockman Foundation to control and manage the publishing rights of the Amplified Bible.[2]
  • NKJV, Thomas Nelson Inc. Contact attempted by Karl to rights@thomasnelson.com and onlinenotification@thomasnelson.com, December 2007; no response.
  • NIV, the perennial request. Contact attempted via feedback web page at ibs.org, November 2006 and March 2007; no response. Dead-tree letter sent to IBS licensing directory, February 2008; no response.
  • World Bible Translation Center (1987,1999,2006) Easy To Read Version English translation. Rights requested 11/05/2008

  • Contemporary English Version, contact made. The American Bible Society have asked for a formal request to be made to them, with information about use and protection (May 2009).

  • RSV/NRSV. "We appreciate your interest in making the RSV/NRSV available as modules for the Sword Project. However, at this time, we do not authorize any open source uses of the RSV/NRSV. God's blessings on your ministry." (Response received 22 Aug 2009 in response to detailed inquiry per their instructions and form.)
  • Third Millennium Bible (1998). Contact attempted at TMBible.com, November 2007, no response. Copyrighted.
  • Gary Gallant (2007) Grammar Uses Version. "Version showing the the way verbs in a participle or infinitive tense are used when translated. Also shows noun uses when translated. This is a very literal translation from the BYZ lectures." (Available in its native OLB [3] format at Gary's site.)
  • Word of Yahweh Bible--KJV3, 2010 (Expected completion). Rights unknown. [4]