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This page is not up to date. Go Bible software development has ceased.

These were some of the outstanding tasks for the CrossWire Go Bible project. Feel free to comment on these in the talk page.

Housekeeping tasks

  1. Transfer source code from Google code – done 2009-02-28 (thanks to scribe)[1]
  2. Create new CrossWire project for Go Bible
  3. Setup for Go Bible software bug tracking on CrossWire server. We are currently using Google code pages for this.
  4. Construct a SVN directory for managing Go Bible User Interface (UI) translations.

Documentation tasks

  1. Improved documentation for using Go Bible Creator. Now largely completed.
  2. Describe how to set up the JDK build environment for developing GoBibleCreator and GoBibleCore.
  3. Describe how to prepare a Shaped Arabic Go Bible for phones such as most Sony Ericsson models, for which the manufacturer did not properly implement glyph shaping in the display firmware, and in some contexts, did not even implement bidirectional text. One of my friends in Egypt recently told me about Arabic Writer – a free program designed to help Arab designers to work with programs that don't support Arabic language characters, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Website content tasks

  1. Mirror the rest of Jolon's Go Bible website on the CrossWire server (we have his permission)
  2. Update and improve the web-pages under construction. See newpage under construction. The former now redirects automatically to the latter.
  3. Move the above newpage to the correct location. There now is an auto-redirect.
  4. Provide screenshots to adorn the web-page
  5. Add link from SWORD Project page header

Programming tasks

  1. Investigate software issues listed in Google code
  2. Review items listed in GoBibleRoadmap
  3. Automate the rebuilding of all the Go Bible applications - required after new release of Go Bible
  4. Define requirements for new development tools

Software testing tasks

  1. Test the Symmetrical Scrolling branch of Go Bible software
  2. Evaluate how well Go Bible Creator is integrated into SIL Pathway

Programming ideas

Integrate JSword into Go Bible Creator?

With Java SE being the environment in which both programs run, the following idea is worth considering:

  1. Enhance Go Bible Creator to be capable of processing SWORD modules directly, making use of the JSword API to extract the Biblical text.