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This page describes how to change the User Interface for an existing Go Bible, even if you don't have the original files used to create it.


All you need is

  1. an existing Go Bible JAR file that you wish to change,
  2. a suitable UI translation encoded as a Unicode text file, and
  3. the Windows based archive utility called 7-Zip.

In addition, you may need a suitable Unicode text editor, to ensure that the UI translation matches the Go Bible version.


  1. Make a secure backup copy of the Go Bible JAR file that you wish to change.
  2. Using 7-Zip, with the Windows context menu, open the JAR file as an archive. You should see an internal file called
  3. Take a copy of the required UI translation. If necessary, rename this text file to
  4. Drag & drop the replacement file into the JAR file already opened with 7-Zip.
  5. Close the archive.
  6. Test the updated Go Bible JAR file using a suitable emulator. I generally use the one from the mpowerplayer/sdk.


  1. This ad hoc method is described "as is" with no guarantee that it will always work as required.
  2. The method has been tested using 7-Zip only. Some other archive utilities may not give the required result. For example, the archive format may get inadvertently changed.
  3. Ensure that the replacement file has the complete number of items for the Go Bible version.
  4. If the internal file uses Unix style EOL markers (LF), it's advisable to ensure that the replacement file uses these as well.
  5. Using a Unicode text editor, ensure that there is a proper EOL marker on the last line of the replacement file.