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   Site Machine Name:      www.crosswire.org
   Site Machine Name:      www.crosswire.org
   Repository Directory:  /pub/sword/betaraw
   Repository Directory:  /pub/sword/betaraw
Please test these modules and report your findings on [[Modules in the beta repository]]
== NET Bible ==
== NET Bible ==

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CrossWire Bible Society

Official module repository from CrossWire Bible Society

 Site Name:              CrossWire Bible Society
 Site Machine Name:      ftp.crosswire.org
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/raw/

For a nice web interface to obtain the Modules as Packages

CrossWire Bible Society's repository for beta testers

 Site Name:              CrossWire beta
 Site Machine Name:      www.crosswire.org
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/betaraw

Please test these modules and report your findings on Modules in the beta repository

NET Bible

Home of the New English Translation

 Site Name:              NET
 Site Machine Name:      ftp.bible.org
 Repository Directory:   /sword

Karl Kleinpaste

A number of random creations: Tischendorf8 Greek NT, Hodge's Systematic Theology, and others.

 Site Name:              Kleinpaste
 Site Machine Name:      ftp.kleinpaste.org
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword