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Pre-verse titles

These further notes are pasted from a recent thread in the SWORD devel mailing list.


The title's type value is ignored by the SWORD engine. It is used by osis2mod when the title is before the first verse in a chapter.

Here are those rules, taken from osis2mod:

  1. Between the opening of a chapter and the first verse, the material is split between the introduction of the chapter and the first verse of the chapter.
    • A <div> with a type of section will be taken as surrounding verses.
    • A <title> of type other than main, chapter or sub, will be taken as a title for the verse.
    • Once one of these conditions is met, the division between chapter introduction and pre-verse is set.

Everywhere else in osis2mod, it is ignored.

Currently, the SWORD engine uses subType="x-preverse" to know that the verse number should follow the heading.

Bug in osishtmlhref.cpp

There is code in there that is supposed to recognize everything between two verse markers as being pre-verse material, but it does not work.

When that works, the subType="x-preverse" should not be needed. It shouldn't be needed now as osis2mod knows when a title is pre-verse and can mark it as such.

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