Modules in the experimental repository

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Experimental Modules

These modules are intended for developers only and may require new features not supported by all front-ends.

Repository parameters

If the experimental repository need to be declared, here are the parameters:

Site Name:              CrossWire experimental
Site Machine Name:
Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/experimentalraw

Various Modules

This section is incomplete.

Note: The following modules are experimental. Some relate to the development of Alternate Versification Bibles, implemented as GenBooks.

Module Name Updated Does the module appear complete? Encoding problems? .conf problems? Display problems on any frontend? Ready / Fix / Hold
DRCgb GenBook Bible None Demo only
GerLut1545lhgb GenBook Bible Demo only
Hesychius GenBook Dictionary This module would do well to be converted to a Dictionary/Lexicon. The following conf entries are not defined in wiki: LocalStripFilter=PapyriPlain and SearchOption=IncludeKeyInSearch
KJVgb GenBook Bible Demo only
LXXM GenBook Bible Demo only
UDHR Dict Demo only