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The CrossWire page on Facebook is not a support channel. Any technical support requests there will not be answered.

CrossWire is an all volunteer organization. Getting help is easy, but we can help you best if you provide us with enough information.

Most questions that we receive have been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please read this first.

The SWORD Family of applications runs on many operating systems and encompasses many applications. Sometimes we can guess what program you are using or are wanting information about, but it is much easier if you tell us up front.

Let us know the following:

  • Software: Which application are you using?
  • Version: Which version of the application are you using? (If at all possible, it is best to use the most recent version of your application.)
  • Module: In which module (Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, ...) do you see the problem? Can you supply a specific reference that we can use to reproduce the problem? (It might not be a problem, but a question or a feature request.)
  • Operating System
  • Description: Give a brief description of the problem. Is there something else we need to know in order to see the problem?

Specific Application Support

Please note that it may be more efficient to send support requests to a specific project. If you have questions about projects such as BibleTime, Xiphos, or Eloquent please see these websites directly for better answers. If you are having problems installing an application, please read its installation instructions first.

Email Support

Comments / Feedback sword-feedback at crosswire dot org
Bug Reports sword-bugs at crosswire dot org
General Questions sword-support at crosswire dot org

Live Chat

You may also try our live forum on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), using your favorite IRC client. Just point it to: #sword

Some of the CrossWire projects also have their own IRC channel. #xiphos

For a simple web based, IRC client use Mibbit #sword.


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Snail Mail

The CrossWire Bible Society 
P. O. Box 2528 
Tempe, AZ  85280-2528